One Punch Man: Superman vs. Saitama, who will win? Here is the analysis

These two powerful superheroes will be fun if they are pitted against each other. Who do you think will win?

Superman vs. Saitama – One Punch Man. ( – It’s no secret that Saitama is an anime character with undeniable strength. He can even take out his opponents with just one hit.

Because of his indomitable strength, many fans began to wonder how strong Saitama really was.

And last but not least, fans also started discussing who might be able to fight Saitama.

One of the antagonist characters that has been a balancing act for Saitama in recent times is Superman.

Just like Saitama, Superman has also become a symbol of great power. So which of them will win?

To find out, it helps us discuss the true power of Superman and Saitama one by one.

Superman power

DC - Superman.  (DC)
DC – Superman. (DC)

For decades, Superman has been a true hero icon, not only among children but also among some adults.

Superman is not only an incredibly strong character, but he also has a pure heart that always pushes him to do the right thing.

This is what makes Superman so rarely seen hitting humans, because he will only fight if the enemy is really rude.

However, when he unleashed his power, his enemies trembled in fear.

One blow from Clark could wipe out an entire city or even a country.

He also has many powers that give him the upper hand in battle such as hot vision, frozen breath, and escape.

All this power comes from the yellow sun shining on the earth. As a Kryptonian, Superman is empowered by the yellow glow that covers the sun.

The longer he gets closer to the sun, the stronger Superman becomes.

Besides being very powerful, Superman is also one of the fastest heroes in the DC Universe.

His speed alone was enough to reverse the flow of time on Earth, allowing him to appear anytime he wanted.

It is also known that it is able to move entire planets unaided, as well as prevent giant meteorites from destroying the Earth.

In terms of brute strength, few characters in the comics universe have the potential to win the battle against the first son of Krypton.

Unless he’s playing kryptonite, Clark can easily beat many powerful opponents.

Saitama’s power

One Punch Man - Saitama.  (fandom)
One Punch Man – Saitama. (fandom)

After training day and night for years, Saitama is able to break down the barriers that humans have faced in the world of One Punch Man since their birth.

This means that Saitama’s power is almost unlimited, moreover, he will not stop experiencing growth and development in the series,

This power is powerful enough to crush any opponent with a single blow early in the series.

As the series progresses, Saitama shows that he has a lot of powerful punches.

His skin was strong enough to withstand an attack that would destroy a planet.

In fact, he can bathe in lava without feeling the heat, and is also able to breathe and talk while in space.

In the latest One Punch Man manga arc, Saitama’s power and potential are revealed to be much better than what fans thought he’d known all along.

Saitama completely crushed Jupiter in one sneeze. All this without trying to harm the planet.

Then who will win?

One Punch Man - Saitama.  (IMDB)
One Punch Man – Saitama. (IMDB)

Clark Kent and Saitama proved to be not only very strong, but also tough and cunning.

While fighting, Superman will probably have the highest level of power during the first few moments of the fight.

But as we explained earlier, One Punch Man proves that the longer Kal-El fights with Saitama, the stronger the bald hero becomes.

Clark likes to restrain his powers against humans to prevent himself from killing them.

This means that Saitama will most likely have enough time to double his powers in order to defeat Superman.

Then, the fight will be an endurance contest, with the winner being declared the most resistant fighter.

So far, we’ve never seen a tired Saitama while fighting in the One Punch Man manga.

However, fans have seen Clarke defeated by creatures with more stamina than him many times in the comics.

So to say, if Superman couldn’t defeat Saitama at the start of the battle, he would probably lose.

Because of the issue of endurance, Saitama has more amazing defensive power than Superman.

Contributor: Damai Lestari

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