Omega Strikers is a new multi-platform game announced by Odyssey Interactive for Android and iOS

Omega Stickersa 3v3 multi-platform bomber game announced by Odyssey Interactive, an independent game development studio created by Riot Games on the leaders league of legends And the TeamFight Tactics.

Omega Strikers is the studio’s premiere product and is a creative fusion of the best elements of contemporary multiplayer competitive gaming, incorporating depth and character mastery, physical fun and knockouts, and goal-focused action in delightfully fast-paced encounters.

“Odyssey was founded with the goal of igniting the competitive spirit of the next generation of gamers – someone we feel will be the largest, most comprehensive and most connected of all,” said Dax Andros, co-founder and president of Odyssey Interactive. ÔÇťOmega Strikers builds on the lessons our veteran team learned from playing some of the world’s most popular multiplayer games. Today, as we launch the Omega Strikers in the Closed Beta on PC, we’re taking the first major step on an exciting future journey for the game we’re building to inspire gamers now and for years to come. “.

Omega Strikers is designed as the first free multiplayer competitive game

A group of colorful and diverse characters known as Strikers are featured in Omega Strikers. Starting with ten strikers, each one has their own distinct personality and set of skills they may use to control the core, blast opponents out of the ring, and score goals. Loot chests, consumable power-ups, and purchased competitive perks are not present in Omega Strikers as it aims to be the first free multiplayer competitive game.

Announced Omega Strikers
Image via Odessey Interactive

All attackers can be unlocked through normal gameplay, or players can choose to purchase the specific attacker they want from the in-game store. The Omega Strikers experience will be constantly improved with bi-monthly updates that provide more Strikers, more Arenas, new skins, unlocks, and provide more opportunities to compete.

The primary objective of matches in Omega Strikers is to score at least five goals before the other team; Matches continue until one team achieves this goal and leads by at least two points. Two teams of three players will compete against each other in each match.

The winners will be teams of players who instantly cooperate and adapt to their opponent’s tactics and disturbances. In order to compete with others in rated, unranked, or assigned game types, players can wait alone or with friends. Omega Strikers places a strong emphasis on competitiveness.

Players will be able to maintain their hard-earned status and unlock Strikers wherever they participate thanks to cross-platform Omega Strikers compatibility. It will provide full cross progression, so that players always have easy access to their account whether they are playing on a computer, mobile device on the go, or console in their living room.

The cross-platform multiplayer game is now in the development stage, and will debut on mobile devices later this year. This game is only the first in a series in which the Odyssey team plans to use their original characters. Odyssey is now working on a second game, and they are looking for game developers who enjoy a good challenge to join them on the adventure.

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