OJK Harvests Debt Collect Behavior Report

Jakarta, duniafintech.com – This time, Indonesian FinTech News reviews the reports received by the Financial Services Authority, or OJK.

There were 8,771 complaints received by state institutions that oversee online loans for these other financial services.

In this case, the majority of complaints relate to the abusive behavior of debt collectors. Moreover, let’s have a look at the following Indonesian Fintech news reviews.

8,771 complaints received by OJK, abusive behavior of majority of debt collectors – Indonesian FinTech News

Up to 50 percent of public complaints are about the IKNB sector, 49.5 percent are from the banking sector and the rest are about the capital market.

From the information reported Business.comThe Financial Services Authority (OJK) has received a lot of public complaints regarding credit complaints and abusive collection behaviour.

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OJK Board Chairman Mahendra Ryanto explained that he received 19,911 services through various channels, with 8,771 complaints services.

“Of the complaints, 50 percent are from the IKNB sector, 49.5 percent are from the banking sector and the rest are from the capital market,” he said at a work meeting of the Eleventh Committee of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea recently.

Meanwhile, the most complaints are restructuring, financing debt collectors behavior and financial information services, with the completion rate in August 2022 at 85.66 percent.

Indonesian FinTech News

Case details

The former deputy foreign minister categorized there are several types of issues.

Or notrelating to the issue in operation, the person concerned did not consciously sign the contract.

“We saw the original evidence, was it correct, or that the delivery was made incorrectly,” he said.

secondlyrelated to debt collection, there were violations in the form of abusive collections and physical violence.

“It is clear that the violation is not only in the existing regulations and procedures but in the aspect of actions that violate the law. So we coordinated with the police, the case turned from compliance to violation of the law.”

Mahendra explained that with so many reports, OJK confirmed that when an agent or online loan company repeated the procedure, OJK confirmed it to IKNB and related banking firms.

OJK also seeks to strengthen the enforcement of authority in preventing consumer and public problems.

The debt collector makes threats and physical violence can constitute a common criminal offence

On the other hand, launch Compass.comFinancial Services Authority Regulation (POJK) No. 6/POJK.07/2022 on Consumer and Society Protection in the Financial Services Industry also regulates marketers and debt collectors in the financial services sector.

OJK Deputy Commissioner for Education and Consumer Protection Sargeto said that marketers are also employees of financial services firms (PUJK) or, marketers can be called PUJK-appointed employees.

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“Including in the financial services sector, the error (by marketers) is prohibited, absolutely forbidden. If this happens there are penalties. These are employees of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan,” he said.

He added that the new rules of protection also cover the work of debt collectors. Therefore, he said in the future there is no longer any reason to say that debt collectors are a different matter.

“It is clear in our rulings that they (debt collectors) are PUK workers, so they (PUK) should be responsible. So there are clauses,” he added.

Debt collectors must be polite to avoid legal troubles – Indonesian FinTech News

Furthermore, he said, if there is a general criminal act such as threatening and physical violence, it can be classified as a general criminal offense.

“Although the OJK Consumer Protection Act does not regulate it, it also violates the provisions of the OJK and general criminal offenses so that it can be reported to the police,” he said.

However, Sargeto said the report could be done if the PUK was under the supervision of the OJK. He continued that if they are not under the supervision of the OJK, the public can report directly to the police.

Moreover, he predicts that when POJK is social, the number of complaints may increase. This can happen, a sign that people are beginning to understand when their rights and obligations are being violated.

“We cannot confirm (Consumer Reports) that it is downward or not. However, complaints can increase because people understand when their rights and obligations are being violated.”

For this reason, the public is also advised to always be rational when obtaining offers for financial services products.

He concluded, “If it is not clear, you can ask OJK, we offer different channels, starting with phone, Whatsapp for reconfirmation.”

Earlier, OJK Board of Commissioners for Education and Consumer Protection Tirta Segara said this POJK demonstrates commitments to the principle of openness and transparency of product and service information as well as improving consumer data and information protection.

This is a review of Indonesian FinTech news highlighting the complaint report to OJK. I hope this information is useful to you.

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