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Jakarta, duniafintech.com – Essentially, trusted crypto investments should be made through cryptocurrency exchanges that have clear legitimacy.

Fraud targeting the cryptocurrency industry is still on the rise. Therefore, as an investment educated community, you should be able to distinguish between legal and illegal investment platforms.

Currently, investing in digital currency is becoming increasingly popular. From the data summarized, the number of cryptocurrency investors in the country now stands at 29.8 million.

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Only 25 crypto exchanges are legal in Indonesia

In Indonesia, there are currently only 25 legal crypto exchanges, one of which is Endodex. Crypto-asset traders who are already legitimate, of course, provide guaranteed protection for their users.

Recently, the Commodity Futures Trading Supervision Agency, or CoFTRA, issued a policy through a circular regarding the termination of the issuance of registration permits to candidates for physical crypto-asset traders in the country.

In the letter signed by the Acting President of CoFTRA, Dided Nordiatmoko, it was clarified that the termination of the issuance of this license was aimed at achieving transparent, efficient and effective physical crypto market trading activities.

There are currently 25 potential crypto-traded companies registered with CoFTRA. Simal to the end yes.

Trusted Crypto Investment

Reliable crypto investment only on the official platform

Crypto assets can be traded in Indonesia as an investment vehicle. To be more secure, it is a good idea to conduct transactions on 25 crypto exchanges that have been approved or legalized by CoFTRA.

Cryptocurrency exchanges that obtain authorization from CoFTRA will be more secure because cryptocurrency exchanges must meet a number of consumer protection rules and this is an absolute requirement. So if there is a problem in the future, someone will be responsible for it.

In Indonesia, crypto-asset trading is supervised under the auspices of CoFTRA. This government agency also publishes a list of crypto assets that can be officially traded in Indonesia.

In his latest listing, there are 383 crypto assets that can be traded in Indonesia. All of these met different pre-set conditions.

Many crypto assets that can be traded in Indonesia, ranging from Bitcoin, ethereum, Solana, Luna Coin to Terra.

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CoFTRA noted that 12.4 million people became crypto investors in Indonesia, surpassing only 8.1 million capital market investors.

The Ministry of Commerce has indicated that the value of crypto-asset transactions in Indonesia in 2021 will reach 859.4 trillion rupiah. Meanwhile, in the first two months of this year, it managed to hit 10 percent of the previous figure.

If you play crypto assets in addition to transactions on crypto exchanges recognized by CoFTRA, you also pay taxes in the form of Value Added Tax (VAT) and Income Tax (PPh).

List of 25 Crypto Exchanges as a Trusted Crypto Investment Tool

Here are 25 crypto exchanges or crypto exchanges that are registered with CoFTRA, this company has become a reliable way to invest in crypto in the country, including:

  • PT Endodex Indonesian National (Endodex)
  • PT Grow Together Nano (nanovest.oi)
  • PT Amazed Technology Indonesia (Magic)
  • PT Aset Digital Berkat (Tokocrypto)
  • PT Aset Digital Indonesia (Incrypto)
  • PT Bomi Santosa Simerlang (Bluang)
  • PT Cipta Koin Digital (koinku.id)
  • PT Coinbit Digital Indonesia (coinbit.id)
  • PT Galad Coin Indonesia (galad.id)
  • PT Gudang Crypto Indonesia (gudangkripto.id)
  • Indonesia Digital Exchange
  • PT Crypto Maxima Coin (cryptomaxima)
  • PT Luno Indonesia Ltd (Luno)
  • PT Mitra Crypto Sukses Company (cryptoSuccess)
  • PT Pantheras Teknologi Internasional (Pantheras)
  • PT Crypto Asset Trader
  • PT Pintu Kimana (Pintu.id)
  • PT Plutonext Digital Asset (plutonext)
  • PT My Account Dotcom Indonesia (My Account)
  • PT Tiga Inti Utama (triv.co.id)
  • PT Triniti Investama Berkat (Bituktu)
  • PT Upbit Exchange Indonesia (Upbit)
  • PT Utama digital assets in Indonesia (bittime)
  • PT Ventura Koin Nusantara (Vonix.id)
  • PT Zipmex Exchange Indonesia (Zipmex).

This is a list of 25 crypto exchanges that are registered and have legitimacy from CoFTRA. Only invest in cryptocurrencies on trusted platforms. We hope it is useful.

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