MPL S10 ID Schedule Today Sunday 18th September 2022 RRQ Hoshi Jamu Aura Fire

Don’t miss RRQHoshi vsAuraFire today.

ID of MPL S10 – RRQ Hoshi vs Aura Fire. (MPL Indonesia) – Mobile Legends: The 10th season of Bang-Bang Professional League Indonesia or MPL ID S10 enters its sixth week today. Check out the schedule for the MPL ID S10 today, Sunday, September 18, 2022, which will pit RQQ Hoshi against the Aura Fire.

It will definitely be an interesting match, if RRQ Hoshi can take revenge on the Aura Fire who performed so well during the MPL ID S10 until this week.

Here is the MPL ID S10 schedule for Sunday (18/9/2022):

The first match in the MPL ID S10 today is arguably a life and death match for Geek Fam. The reason is that they have to beat Bigetron Alpha in order to qualify for the next qualifier.

During this season’s Mobile Legends electronic tournament, Geek Fam often became the backside of other teams. Not only that, Geek Fam has failed to make the playoffs in the past few seasons.

Because Geek Fam didn’t break into the top six in the final standings. Furthermore, Geek Fam brought in a player from Onic Philippines (Onic PH), Baloyskie to boost this season.

Geek Fam had time to win, but their current position is still at the bottom of the rankings.

Likewise with Bigetron Alpha which is also unsafe during regular season for MPL ID S10. Right now, they were already in sixth place, but the Zion Rebellion below them could overtake them at any moment.

MPL ID S10 schedule today Sunday 18 September 2022 (MPL Indonesia)
MPL ID S10 schedule today Sunday 18 September 2022 (MPL Indonesia)

RRQ Hoshi vs Aura Fire

The most exciting and awaited match is RRQ Hoshi vs Aura Fire. In yesterday’s go, RRQ Hoshi was slaughtered 2-0 unanswered by Aura Fire for the first time.

The 2-0 match at that time also broke Aura Fire’s never-winning record from Team Mobile Legends nicknamed the “King of All Kings”.

RRQ Hoshi’s performance is still not quite stable. They beat BTR Alpha and Geek Fam 2-0, but lost 2-0 to Onic Esports last week.

RRQ Hoshi vs Aura Fire’s second leg match is proof of whether the King was able to take revenge, or was humiliated again by the Fire Dragon.

How to watch MPL ID S10 can be done online or offline. The same MPL ID sold offline tickets that were held at the MPL Arena.

This ticket can be purchased through the page with prices starting from IDR 50,000.

Meanwhile, how to watch MPL ID S10 online can be seen on YouTube, Facebook, TikTok and MPL Indonesia videos.

This is the MPL ID’s S10 schedule today, Sunday 18th September 2022. We look forward to RRQ Hoshi vs Aura Fire, who will win. ( Dicky Prastya)

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