Mobile Myths: Building the Sickest Body in 2022 Makes You Curious, Here’s a Bunch of Items You Need to Know

Here’s how to mix up your Badang hero so your enemies can get nervous.

Body champion. (Moonton) – Mobile Legends fans should have been eagerly awaiting Build Badang Sick 2022. Padang is a local boy from Malaysia who has the role of a fighter. Currently, Padang is a fairly strong fighter.

It is capable of high blast damage and powerful defense.

Moreover, it also has annoying crowd control capabilities. Since it only relies on two attack items, Badang’s damage is very high.

Low defense heroes like snipers, magicians and assassins will be very easy to kill with just one skill set.

Badang element is a combination of attack and defense elements. With this combination, Badang has a high attack and strong defense. Here are the sickest padang designs of 2022 that the team has summarized for you.

Building Badang Mobile Legends hurts.  Illustration of the Padang hero's skin.  (Youtube/Mobile Legends Bang Bang)
Building Badang Mobile Legends hurts. Illustration of the Padang hero’s skin. (Youtube/Mobile Legends Bang Bang)

1. Warrior shoes


+40 movement speed
+22 physical defense

This item can be purchased if the opponent uses a hero with physical damage. These boots will be very useful, especially in the early game because they can reduce the physical damage caused by the opponent’s hero. One of the unique things about this shoe is that when you constantly receive your opponent’s basic attack, the given defense will be greater.

2. Demon Hunter Sword


+35 physical attack
+ 25% attack speed

This item is very useful against enemies with high health due to its ability to deal extra damage by 9% of the opponent’s remaining HP. And the thicker it was, the more painful it was. In addition, this item also provides a vivid effect every 3 seconds which can be stacked up to 5 times.

3. Blade of Heaptaseas


+70 physical attacks
+250 HP
+15 Material Pens

If no damage is received or given for 5 seconds, the next basic attack will inflict an additional 160 physical damage plus 40% physical attack and a 40% slow effect on the target for 1.5 seconds.

4. Blade of despair


+160 physical attacks
+ 5% moving speed

The thinner the opponent’s blood, the greater the damage caused by this item. When the hero attacks an opponent with less than 50% blood, the hero’s physical attack will increase to 25% in 2 seconds. This effect will only take effect before you damage the opponent.

5. The mischievous roar


+60 physical attacks
+ 35% material pen

The higher the level of an opponent’s physical defense, the greater the level of physical penetration this item could emit. The physical penetration rate is only limited to 20% but is quite enough to penetrate the opponent’s shield and shield tower.

6. Immortality


+800 HP
+40 physical defense

This item can bring you back to life from the dead. When you die, you will resurrect within 2.5 seconds and gain 16% HP and a shield that can absorb up to 1200 damage. The given shield lasts only 3 seconds. Unfortunately, the waiting time for this element is quite long, which is 210 seconds.

This is the toughest Badang 2022 build that you can try. I wish you a nice play.

Contributor: Pasha Ija Wilkins

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