Microsoft offers an eCDN solution that allows more participants to join the company-wide, company-wide live broadcast

Microsoft announce Microsoft eCDN (Enterprise Content Delivery Network), intended for organizations that rely heavily on it difference for their daily meetings. It can collide with the current number of participants who can join the live broadcast, which makes it possible to meet company-wide meetings with many participants without problems in terms of connectivity and security.

The eCDN is the product of Microsoft’s acquisition of Peer5, an Israeli startup that the company acquired last year. Peer5 developed the technology, which is a WebRTC-based solution that “takes advantage of peer-to-peer broadcast technology”.

Because of its ability, Microsoft eCDN can keep Millions of participants simultaneously without overloading the organization’s network or experiencing video streaming quality, security, and privacy issues. Moreover, apart from the promised convenient adoption, the eCDN solution works with other HLS-based video platforms. It also does not require additional installations on user endpoints and devices or changes to the physical network infrastructure.

According to Microsoft, powerful technology will benefit organizations in various scenarios that include a large number of audiences from different locations around the world.

“With Microsoft eCDN, organizations can live and securely broadcast global meetings, all hands and people, and distribute trainings company-wide,” said Amber Waisanen of Microsoft Teams. “As hybrid and remote work has increased the need to stay connected and interact with employees around the world, many organizations are taking advantage of Microsoft Teams as the primary platform for video communications and collaboration, creating a heavy bandwidth burden on the corporate network. Microsoft eCDN is designed to improve network reliability, reduce network saturation, and deliver secure, high-quality, broadband live video streams with improved network performance directly in Teams Live Events.”

Unfortunately, it arrives as a standalone offering rather than as a part of Microsoft’s existing Teams services. It costs $0.50 per user per month with an annual subscription and can be obtained through the Microsoft 365 IT admin center or various Microsoft Cloud partners.

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