Microsoft is changing Teams Rooms plans; Offers free basic options

Microsoft it is now Introducing new plans To replace existing Teams Standard and Teams Rooms Premium rooms: Teams Basic and Teams Room Pro.

The biggest pull factor for these changes is the fact that Team rooms It can now be used for free, thanks to the Teams Rooms Basic plan. That’s apart from Teams Rooms Standard, which charges $15 per device per month. This free plan will be included automatically when you purchase a Teams Rooms certified device on or after September 1st, and you can apply up to 25 base licenses to a single tenant.

On the other hand, while the Teams Rooms Basic plan looks attractive, it is not without flaws. Microsoft is stripping it of some of the features available in its predecessor. For example, it doesn’t have Intune management or the Azure Active Directory Premium 1 plan. Also, Microsoft adds the ability to check in with the Teams panel and join meetings via Teams clouds in Teams rooms, but it’s not available under Basic. This plan does not offer smart audio and video features, including smart speaker support for live version with speaker selection, people counting, support for multiple cameras, AI noise suppression, etc. It also lacks some security, compliance, and device management features, which is reasonable, given the $15 fee will be dropped.

The Basic plan has a very limited set of capabilities and, as Microsoft says, is only for “small businesses.” No basic management and mixed meeting features. So Microsoft’s message is clear: Either you get a free plan with limited features or you pay for Teams Room Pro. This will cause existing Teams Rooms Standard subscribers to pay more to maintain current features.

On the plus side, it’s good news for those with Teams Rooms Premium since Microsoft has made Teams Room Pro more affordable. Currently, the previous device cost $50 per device per month, but it will now be reduced to $40 under Teams Room Pro, saving you $10 per month. In addition, you will get all the features of Teams Rooms. Some of the key features of this paid plan are full access to all smart audio and video systems, endpoint management with Microsoft Endpoint Manager, terminal health management, device analytics, Microsoft 365 phone system, and much more. If you want to compare Old And the the new Plans, Microsoft has published their detailed comparisons.

Finally, since Teams Rooms Basic and Pro are new plans, you need to choose between them once your existing license or enterprise agreement expires.

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