Metanomic announces global launch of Thunderstruck player analytics platform

global launch of stunned Player analytics platform by Metanomic, a company specializing in player analytics and the full game economy, announced today. This platform is expected to revolutionize how game developers use behavioral data to increase player retention and revenue.

Thunderstruck is the first to use AI-powered behavioral analytics

Thunderstruck is the first video game analytics platform to use AI-powered behavioral analytics. It uses artificial intelligence based on Bayesian inference to understand information about actual in-game events taken directly from the game’s servers.

Thunderstruck dashboard
Image via Metanomic

Thunderstruck analyzes player motivations and playing preferences, rewarding preferences to give creators real-time information on their game’s target audience, player demographics with the highest retention rates, and the types of players who invest the most time in the game. So far, game developers have been forced to use outdated player rating models along with market research and fill knowledge gaps with guesswork and speculation.

Founded in 2021 by veteran game developers, AI authorities, and economists with advanced degrees, Metanomic has so far raised $2.9 million in pre-incorporation capital. Seven types of players are available in Thunderstruck at launch: Assassins, hitmen, explorers, socialists, speeders, conquistadors, And the scholars.

These player types can be modified to match the priorities of specific game titles. As the platform analyzes data from additional games, player types will be improved and added, and thanks to Thunderstruck’s Bayesian AI, it can even determine the sequence of circumstances that triggered a particular player’s action. All seven types of players in Thunderstruck are listed below:

the killers

These players enjoy killing, chaos, and competitive elements more than anything else. They focus on winning, climbing the player rankings, gaining prestige, provoking, and imposing drama on others.

the successful

These players are competitive and enjoy beating challenging goals, whether set by the game or themselves, in order to gain prestige, prizes, and other types of material possessions.


For those who like to learn as much about the game as possible, Explorers strive to understand the subtleties of the game’s mechanics. The thrill of discovering and uncovering hidden areas or targets motivates these players for points or prizes.


Players who have fun interacting with other players through social systems such as using chat, managing guilds, or role-playing rather than playing the game itself. They tend to collaborate or join forces with others to achieve goals more than they can on their own.

speed drivers

Cheetahs race to the goals to be among the first to reach the end-game content or the highest level. They spend most of their time grinding experiences and playing for hours on end.

the conquerors

Conquerors enjoy struggling against adversity and overcoming impossible difficulties. They are persistent, strong, and repetitive in their quest to beat their goals.


Commonly referred to as “craftsmen,” scholars seek to improve their skills by gathering resources and creating or improving items for themselves and selling them to others. They find fun in more passive forms of the game’s mechanics and objectives.

The Players’ PassionThe number of times And the They play skillfully—also affects their Thunderstruck identities depending on their priorities, the publisher or game developer can also modify them. For example, the term the successful It may refer to the most talented, wealthy, or successful players depending on the type of game.

To help studios better understand their players, Metanomic will constantly introduce new and more specific genres to players in the future. Thunderstruck is also suitable for use on mobile phone, console and PC; For both new and old games; And for both traditional web3 and web2 games. It works in tandem with Metanomic’s free Economy Engine platform, which was introduced earlier this year to help developers create, simulate and maintain game economies.

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