Mandiri MCM service, this is the definition and features

Jakarta, – Mandiri Cash Management or MCM Mandiri is a service of PT Bank Mandiri (Persero).

This service is intended for companies to manage and monitor the activities of incoming funds (collections), outgoing funds (payments) and liquidity of managed accounts in real time via the Internet.

The service of this state-owned bank is very beneficial for companies in this regard. Moreover, the current digitization is also very useful. So that it is easy for companies to access everything.

Mandiri MCM has features that make it easier for customers to conduct financial transactions. In particular, customers from the corporate sector nickname this company.

What is standalone MCM?

Not all clients of independent banks know what MCM Mandiri means. In fact, it can be said that only a small percentage of the total customers belonging to this state-owned company are familiar with this kind of application.

This is because this service is different from online Mandiri or Livin, which is more popular with individual users or customers.

MCM Mandiri is a service that is specially provided to all customers who have a business account with Mandiri. The goal is to monitor and control all activities in the account.

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Controllable activities start from transactions, reports, etc. In this way, Accounts Receivable (A/R) and Accounts Payable (A/P) owned by customers are facilitated optimally.

So, what are the features in Mandiri Cash Management? Here are some of the features of MCM Mandiri as quoted from the page:

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There are a number of features found in the Mandiri MCM service. between them:

1. Complete account information and company transactions

You can get account information and company transactions that include checking accounts and balance positions for each account managed by the company. The results can be downloaded in standard SWIFT format as well as report formats commonly used by clients in the settlement process.

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2. Payroll, clearing, payment of tax obligations and bills

Transfer of access to employees (payroll), partners or third parties of independent banks and other banks (clearing, online transfers, international transfers) and payment of tax obligations, utility bills and other invoices through individual or group transfer methods.

3. Automatic discount

You can access invoices using the debit mechanism

4. Cash collection, cash distribution and scale balance

You can access the company’s funds liquidity settings through the mechanism of cash pooling (funding), cash allocation (allocation of funds), and scope balance (maintenance of fund positions).

5. Transaction scheduling

You get to execute transactions that can be arranged including immediate (instant processing), standing instructions (planned), and recursive (recursive).

6. Guaranteed security

Mandiri Cash Management implements a multi-tiered, authority-level system to secure your company’s transactions

7. Notifications

You can set the delivery of notifications for each transaction desired by the customer.

Advantages of MCM Standalone Service

1. Flexible

The first advantage is that online transactions can be done anytime and anywhere

2. Safe

With the support of multi-level authorization and system encryption it will secure all your transactions on this service.

How to register in Mandiri MCM Mandiri

This Mandiri MCM service can be used by all Mandiri Bank customers who are legal entities (PT, CV, Foundation, Cooperatives, BUMN, BUMD, etc) and have a current account.

To register, you can directly contact Mandiri Bank’s Wholesale Transaction Banking Services Team, or contact the Branch or Transaction Banking District Team in each Mandiri Bank District.

This is information about MCM Mandiri that you can use. This service provides convenience to the company. So, I hope this information is useful to you.

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