Make your Apple Watch battery last for days with this simple change

The Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra are available, and they come with an exciting list of new features. Thanks to watchOS 9, users with Apple Watch Series 4 and later can now use Low Power Mode, which will push your smartwatch’s battery life even further.

Low Power Mode is a step up from Power Reserve, which disables nearly all of the watch’s features when it’s turned on. Instead, this battery saving feature will turn off a few functions of your Apple Watch while keeping everything else running. It’s a handy tool, especially if you’re looking to push your Apple Watch battery past a day without charging.

In need of a bump in battery life? Here’s how to turn on Low Power Mode on your Apple Watch.

How to turn on Low Power Mode on Apple Watch

When Low Power Mode is on, your Apple Watch will disable the always-on display (if you have an Apple Watch 7 or Apple Watch 8), heart rate notifications, background heart rate measurements, background blood oxygen measurements, and reminders to start exercise.

Furthermore, if your iPhone isn’t nearby, Wi-Fi and cellular connections will be turned off, along with incoming phone calls and notifications. It will also affect the speed of some features: phone calls can take longer, Siri can take longer to answer, animations will appear less smooth, and more.

Aside from those, your Apple Watch will work as it normally would – all while conserving battery. All it takes is a simple flick of the switch, and you can even set how long it runs.

How to turn on Low Power Mode on Apple Watch (Image credit: Future)

1. To turn on low power mode, Swipe up on the watch face to open Control Center.
2. Tap on Battery Percentage icon.
3. In this screen, Toggle the low power mode switch to turn it on.
4. A message will appear. Scroll down and Select Play.
5. A yellow circle icon will appear at the top of the Apple Watch screen, to indicate that Low Power Mode is on.

How to turn on Low Power Mode on Apple Watch in Settings (Image credit: Future)

You can also turn on Low Power Mode in your Apple Watch settings.

1. On the Apple Watch, Press the Digital Crown to access your applications.
2. Open the Settings app.
3. Scroll down and Select the battery.
4. Turn on low power mode.
5. The same message will appear. Again, scroll to the bottom and Select Play.

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