Love story balance love at work, this couple envy netizens

What is the scale of love work, check the love story of the couple.

Illustration of a love story. (Pixabay) – It is no longer work-life balance, but now also work-love balance, which is the dream of today’s youth. Like the love story of a young couple that went viral on social media recently.

As the name suggests, Work Love Balance is love, life and work can go hand in hand, so both can have a good effect on the same person.

Keep in mind that sometimes one of the challenges when pairing is trying to balance love and work as in Work Love Balance.

There are times when someone gets so tired that they can’t divide their time well and maximally.

On the other hand, there are still some couples who are able to divide the time in a couple’s life quite well. Like what happened to this couple.

In a viral video on social media uploaded by the Instagram accountaesteutik, it shows the love story of a couple working in the balance of love.

For example, I’m the guy in an online meeting with his co-workers during the day. The girl faithfully accompanied him until they held hands.

Viral love balancing act.  (Instagram / Aesthetics)
Viral love balancing act. (Instagram / Aesthetics)

vice versa. When the girl holds an online meeting with the girl who meets online at night, the guy accompanies her faithfully.

There is no feeling of tiredness or boredom between them when they accompany each other at work. This phenomenon is known as work love balance, because lovers can maintain a balance between work and dating.

This is an adult love story. But this kind of support system is really neededCommenting on the viral video post on social media.

This video caught the attention of netizens on Instagram and spread on social media. Many of them are jealous of the love story of this couple.

I, if you have a friend, the mission is to accompany Zoom for the first time, okay?netizens said.

Want to do but afraid to be disappointed by expectationsAnother said.

How can people have such a handsome boyfriend, how do you do that?The netizens were surprised.

It is normal, you have not tasted the sound of the electric symbol, the child is sick, the goods are not sold, the kitchen needs are empty. The committee has not yet arrivedAnother said.

The working woman sitting on the chair can’t say hehehehehehe. Especially if you meet a bang that also sits quietly in the office until the afternoon, and when he comes home he is ricketynetizens commented.

In addition to many comments, this video also got more than 24 thousand likes from netizens on Instagram.

This is a viral video on social media, a love story of a couple that netizens are jealous of. How can they balance love. ( Dinar Oktarini)

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