Lintasarta Digital Accelerator Program

Jakarta, – Lintasarta collaborates with Dicoding as a forum to develop a developer ecosystem in Indonesia, Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool offers a free global, Google-certified curriculum to thousands of people interested in the digital field, in order to support the acceleration of transformation. Digital.

Lintasarta’s president, Arya Damar, said digital skills are a key asset to the country’s recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic.

“In the future, different sectors will increase the number of activities in the digital field. We launched the Lintasarta Cloudeka Digischool CSR program to encourage the distribution of digital skills in the society to meet the needs of sectors that are starting to transform digitally. Therefore, Surabaya as one of the largest industrial cities in Indonesia We believe it is well suited to be one of the leading cities as well as the driving force for digital transformation in Indonesia.”

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This program has been running since 2020 and has succeeded in attracting more than 20,000 registrants from the general public. This officially approved program from Google contains a series of free modules that combine theory and practice. This year, the unit presented is a preparation unit for Full stack developer with ability end of introduction And the back end. The curriculum, which is scheduled to be completed for half a year, is expected to provide greater value to participants who wish to enter the technology, informatics and digital sectors.

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This year is the first time that Digischool has partnered with one of Lintasarta’s major product lines, Cloudeka, General Manager Secretary to Lintasarta, Ade Kurniawan, said.

“Given the great interest from registrars every year, this year we are enhancing our educational resources and the quality of our units by collaborating with the Cloudeka team. We hope by improving the quality of the units that this program can support the government, industry and people of Surabaya to bring out the capable local talent in the digital field” .

Meanwhile, Narenda Wicaxono as CEO of Dicoding also confirmed that he saw a growing need for talent in the digital field. If previously the program only targeted individuals at the elementary and intermediate levels, this year individuals at the advanced level can also become participants in the programme.

“Since 2020, we have received an overwhelming response from our fellow participants regarding the Google-certified modules and training provided. For this reason, this year we are adding and introducing advanced level individuals as our target participants. Rewards In addition to the participants. There is free access for the top 20 participants and an Asus Intel Core 13 laptop for the best participants that will be announced at the end of the training. We are optimistic that with the growing interest and need for digital skills, our graduates will be as competitive as other talent internationally.”

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