LifeAfter x Attack on Titan collaboration event starts September 15, 2022

Netease gamesThe company behind the open world doomsday Survival Toys life afterdeclare that a cooperation Happened with the well-known manga series The attack on the Giants It will start on September 15, 2022. LifeAfter has continued to update its game with new materials since its release in 2019.

With its meticulous depiction of a post-apocalyptic landscape and a focus on survival exploration, LifeAfter has amassed a user base of nearly 200 million registered users worldwide. This crossover shows the same level of dedication, has rich event elements and first-class gameplay, ready to inject extra vitality into players’ survival mania. There will be other crises.

Over 90 limited co-op items will be available in this event

There will be crossover merchandise screaming Attack on Titan from September 15 to September 29, 2022. Attack on Titan key members Eren Jaeger, Mikasa Ackerman, Levi, and Historia Reese They have costumes that players can dress up in. In addition, additional costumes, pet skins with Titans and the Armored Titan theme are hitting the market.

To personalize their unique Manor, players can add tables, chairs, beds, rugs, boards, backgrounds, and other furniture into the Manor, as well as figurines and other similar decorations for the game’s main characters and Titans. There will also be attacking Titan-themed vehicles, weapons, and drone skins, heightening the combat experience while better preparing players for battle against the giant invasion.

LifeAfter Limited Time Co-op Game Show and Bonus Event

Doomsday World will also see new crises as well as limited collaboration products. Outside Hope Fences 101Giant creatures roam, and humanity is surrounded by a terrifying gloom. A new obstacle started. Attack on Titan’s Armored Titan, one of the original Titans, will attack the player’s camp. To defend the camp and defeat the Armored Titan, players must organize their own battle strategy and band together.

LifeAfter Attack on Titan
Image via NetEase

LifeAfter Administrator Limited Reward Collaboration Event Facebook page It will run from September 9-15, 2022. Follow LifeAfter’s official homepage on Facebook (@lifeafter.en) and like the corresponding post. Leave a comment, tag a couple of friends on Facebook, and share the timeline link. Players have the chance to win 10 pieces of Google Play Gift Card worth $20.

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