Latest FinTech News: Digitizing Distribution Boosts Sales

Jakarta, – Latest FinTech news will review activities distribution It is an important part of economic activity. This is because the distribution process allows products from manufacturers or producers to arrive and be accepted by consumers.

Of course, in the distribution process itself, there are also many distribution problems that manufacturing companies face. For this reason, good cooperation between manufacturers and distributors is a must, both in terms of sales, inventory and market information.

Manufacturers will find it difficult to compete and have difficulty expanding the market if distribution data in the distributor’s sales area is unavailable or inaccurate. data availability always outside Distributors (sales data from distributors to stores) are accurate and At present It requires effort and costs that are not cheap for manufacturers and distributors.

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Latest financial technology news

Latest FinTech News – Innovative Solutions to Increase Sales

Generally, manufacturers require distributors to use a Distribution Management System (DMS) that is designed to meet the needs of the manufacturer in line with its business strategy.

From the manufacturer’s side, this will definitely be profitable because the manufacturer will get the data always outside Which is real, as long as the distributor is using DMS as their sales platform.

However, it is not simple if a distributor distributes goods from several manufacturers, it will lead to complications in terms of management, operations, accounting, taxation and data integration in the internal system of the distributor.

Therefore, it is not surprising that DMS supplied by the manufacturer receives a very high resistance from distributors. Or, routine is usually used as a prerequisite Distributor Agreement Just. Although the manufacturer has made a significant investment to provide DMS.

If the manufacturer does not provide the DMS to the distributor, the distributor is obligated to make a sales summary according to the format desired by the manufacturer. Since it is made by distributors by summary, of course, this report requires special time and effort, and the summary of sales made often creates a difference from reality, which ultimately affects the manufacturer.

In response to the problems faced by the manufacturer, distribution solutions company with decades of experience in the Distribution Management System (DMS), PT Firmus Solusindo has provided innovative solutions always outside Distributor, Firmus Transaction Acquisition System (Firmus TAS).

Firmus TAS is an information management system for data management always outside. Distributors simply send their operational transactions according to the distributor’s version, and then automatically Clever The exact data related to the transaction will be obtained by Firmus TAS, thus creating the data always outside Ready for use by the manufacturer.

Thus, distributors can still use their internal systems, so that there are no longer many obstacles and complexities of administration, accounting, taxation, and data integration. Distributors can use files one system to the company’s needs.

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TAS Firmus is designed to be able to acquire data always outside of various internal distributor applications. Thus, the manufacturer provides convenience to distributors, in terms of time, effort and data processing costs.

After that, the system will process the data always outside multi distributor At presentso that manufacturers can easily, anytime anywhere Learn about the distribution of their products.

This includes knowing: which stores or distribution channels buy their products or not; whether distributor sales are consistent with the manufacturer’s target market; Even, the manufacturer can know the market expansion made by the distributor.

Coordination and discussion Sales Team Manufacturers and distributors will be much easier and faster with distributor KPIs; secondary sales KPIs; Sales/Product/Channel/Outlet/Vendor performance analytics, indicating sales growth opportunities that need to be done together.

Firmus TAS will help manufacturers digitize always outside effectively and efficiently, in terms of cost and time; Easy and fast implementation. Affordable investment Manufacturers get a secondary sales best practice dashboard right away.

“So Firmus TAS is an innovative solution always outside distributors to increase sales. We are ready tothe support and making it easier for manufacturers to manage their distributors.” said Hadi Puntoro, Director of PT Firmus Solusindo.

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