Krafton has released a concept trailer for its upcoming game based on the Korean novel The Bird That Drinks Tears.

After the news last month that Crafton Work started on game project An unnamed title based on a well-known Korean fantasy book The bird that drinks tearsKrafton revealed a trailer for a new visual concept to show what fans can expect from upcoming IP-based entertainment projects. The visualization project is set to guide the aesthetic and tonal directions of several multimedia projects based on The Bird That Drinks Tears, including a graphic novel and animated film, as well as an untitled game project.

Crafton is working with famous Hollywood artists for the unnamed game

Crafton The Flying Who Drinks Tears is a novel web game
Image via Crafton

Ian McCaig and crafton Windless Team They have been collaborating closely since 2021 to bring the book’s surroundings and characters to life. Later in 2022, the results of that partnership will be released in art book form. The bird that drinks tears It will also be the subject of a graphic novel to be published in 2023.

Finally, Krafton is still actively developing an unnamed video game project based on the book. In an effort to continue recruiting elite talent from around the world to support the realization of its ambitious vision, Krafton has just created the game’s official website.

Those interested in joining the game project development team or who would like to learn more about The Bird That Drinks Tears can visit the game website Official Website over here.

What do you think of the visual concept trailer that Crafton revealed due to the unnamed game title based on the popular Korean novel The Bird That Drinks Tears? Let us know in the comments below!

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