Kingdom September 6 update brings Black Pearl islands and a new legendary cookie

Last Turn on cookies: Kingdom September 6 update Now, players will find many new features in the game. This update introduces the third legendary cookie in the game, a new special GachaPlay mode for a limited time. There are two total of new cookies in this update, and they will likely be popular picks in the Arena in the coming days.

New Game Mode: Black Pearl Islands

Uses this new game mode stamina gelSo you can do as many runs as you want as long as you have the required amount of Stamina Jellies. It consists of driving a ship across the board and fighting enemies on the islands you encounter.

New game mode Black Pearl Islands
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There are also new mini-games for you to play, where you move a cookie and try to avoid lightning strikes on the screen, or run and slide down a track where your main goal is to collect black pearl coins. Chests can be found around the map, and you can unlock them by getting a special key that can be claimed from events or at Trade Harbor. You finish the game mode when you reach the final boss!

The New Legendary Black Pearl Cookie
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The Black Pearl cookie has arrived in the kingdom! It’s the third Legendary released, and it’s been much awaited since the game’s last Legendary release 10 months ago. They can be found in both normal and premium epic gachas, but they have a higher drop rate in Legendary Gacha. Try to do as many missions as possible so you have a higher chance of getting it!

It’s an Ambush cookie with a powerful skill that deals real cookie damage, something to do with their HP level. The Black Pearl creates a vortex that pulls enemies down and deals them periodic damage. She also applies the horror of the abyss, which is unique only to her. Note that she counteracts this error from the enemy Black Pearl cookies in the arena.

New epic cookie with caviar
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Caviar cookies It was first introduced in the Cookie Odyssey story and is now a playable cookie. It’s the summoner cookie that it releases black shark torpedoes It provides a useful Debuff Resist feature to its allies. His skill targets enemies (targets cookies first) with the lowest HP stats, which is useful in the arena as these are usually their team’s main attackers. His skill also deals area damage, as well as correcting the DEF reduction of enemies.

New guild improvements

New changes have been made to Guild Battle and will take effect on September 8 (GMT +9:00).

  • Before the update, players could only fight a maximum of 8 battles per boss. Now, players can hit up to 9 times per boss, which means they can choose a boss to avoid for a season.
  • The number of heroic torches offered per round has been increased by 30%, so players will be able to buy more things in the Guild Shop. Each boss also grants additional heroic torches, with lower boss levels getting a higher boost than higher boss levels.
  • Defeating the boss now rewards 15% more Trophies.
  • Players can now go into practice mode during sorting day.

Seaside Market and Rainbow Shell Gallery now sell Duskgloom keys. Soulstones of Financier Cookie can now be purchased in the Mileage Shop. Players can now skip several islands in the Tropical Soda, and a new button allows players to use Time Skippers with a single tap. The islands were reclaimed in descending order. Fixed a bug in the Clotted Cream Cookie skill that sometimes would not deal a portion of the damage to enemies. Fixed a bug in Guild Battle where bosses had inaccurate DEF stats.

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