iPhone 14 undergoes a durability test (video)

iPhone 14

The new iPhone 14 and cell phones are now available for purchase, and now we get to know just how durable Apple’s latest device is.

The video below from JerryRigEverything puts the iPhone 14 through a range of durability tests, including a scratch test, a bend test, and a burn test.

As we can see from the video, the new iPhone showed scratches on the screen at levels 6 and 7, which is very similar to the majority of iPhones available today.

Hopefully something will change regarding screen glass and scratches in the future, as the majority of smartphones over the past few years have been showing scratches at levels 6 and 7.

The device also did not pass the burn-in test because it had permanent damage to the screen and did not recover.

The new iPhone passed the bend test without any permanent damage to the screen during the bend test, so it was generally able to pass the durability test.

As Zack mentioned in the video, the iPhone 14 is now more repairable than any previous iPhone, and we saw that in the latest video from iFixit. All four models of the new iPhone are now available to order, iPhone 14 Plus launches on October 7.

Image source and credits: Jerrygg is everything

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