iOS 16 Update Makes iPhone Battery Wasted? Check this how to beat

iOS 16. Update (Apple) – The iOS 16 update provided by Apple is said to make the iPhone battery wasted after the update is offered. This is a concern for a number of iPhone users who have updated to iOS 16.

As reported by, some users have complained that the latest OS makes iPhone battery wasted compared to the previous one.

This is considered normal as there are several updates to fully update the operating system, as reported ZDnetMonday (19/8/2022).

Operating system updates include downloading, checking, making sure there is enough space, performing updates, cleaning after updates, and making major applications functional after updates.

Well, this activity requires much more battery power than normal use.

As a result, iPhone battery is wasted, also known as dropping after iOS 16 update.

Moreover, the cleaning process that occurs after a software update may take days to complete.

iPhone battery health. [Apple]
iPhone battery health. [Apple]

This gives the impression that the battery drains faster, when in reality it is not.

So it is recommended that users use iPhone normally for a few days. It is possible that the battery drain issue will resolve on its own.

Another tip is to perform regular updates for the apps in the App Store. There is a possibility that the app is experiencing problems after the iOS 16 release.

Apple is also confirmed to release iOS 16.0.1 soon. So users have to wait for the OS to roll out as it will fix many bugs, including the wasted battery.

Is it normal for battery health to decrease after iOS 16 update?

iPhone battery health. [Apple]
iPhone battery health. [Apple]

Battery Health is one of the most highlighted features for iPhone users from the iOS 16 update.

The Battery Health Screen includes information about the maximum capacity and peak performance capabilities of the battery.

Users can see the status of Battery Health in Settings > Battery > Battery Health.

When you start the Apple Support page, Maximum Battery Capacity measures the device’s battery capacity relative to the time the battery was new.

Battery capacity will decrease as the chemical life of the battery increases, resulting in less device usage time before the next recharge.

Depending on the length of time the iPhone accumulates until activated, the battery capacity will drop slightly from 100 percent.

Standard batteries are designed to retain up to 80 percent of their initial capacity over 500 full recharge cycles when operating under normal conditions.

However, it is not considered a problem. The iPhone battery should be good for at least three years. If this is exceeded, the user is advised to replace it with a new battery immediately.

This is the iOS 16 update that is said to be charging the iPhone battery more expensively than before. ( Dicky Prastya)

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