iOS 16 allows you to delete duplicate photos

iOS 16

iOS 16 from Apple comes with some great new features, including lock screen and new widgets as well as many new features.

One of the new features that Apple has included in this software update is the ability to easily delete duplicate photos on iPhone and iPad.

This is a feature that was not previously available on iPhone and now it makes it easy for you to remove duplicate photos from your device. Previously, if you wanted to remove duplicate photos, you would have to use some third-party software.

This can be done from within the Photos app on iPhone and iPad, follow the instructions below to remove duplicate photos from your iPhone.

open the Pictures app on your iPhone then choose File albums tab, now scroll down to the bottom until you see the duplicates.

select file redundant tab on your iPhone and you will now see a list of duplicate photos. You now have a number of options, you can delete the duplicate photos individually, select them all or select a number of photos at the same time.

Select the option you prefer, by clicking select at the top of the screen, you can now select the images individually, or in multiples, if you want to remove them all click select all. Select now to merge at the bottom of the screen and this will merge all the duplicate photos together.

You will then be given the option to combine photos that are exactly the same or might be slightly different, so it is worth looking at your photos to see if there are any big differences.

That’s it, you should remove your duplicate photos from your iPhone, this is a great tool that Apple added to iOS 16.

source From 9 to 5 March

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