Indonesia has the potential to become the crypto center of the world

Jakarta, – MPR RI Chairman Bambang Soesatyo, alias Bamsoet, supports the development of cryptocurrency in the country.

He said that Indonesia has the potential to become a hub for crypto assets in the world. This is in line with the rapid development of cryptocurrencies in the country.

I think Indonesia can become a global hub for cryptocurrency, especially in Southeast Asia. For this reason, it is necessary to set up the infrastructure for regulating and supervising crypto assets, including their trading. For example, by introducing the Digital Future Exchange as an official crypto exchange,” Bamsoet said, citing a joint statement issued by the Indonesian Crypto Consumer Association (ICCA).

“This step requires the commitment of all stakeholders, particularly the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, Bank Indonesia and the Financial Services Authority, to sit down together and formulate a comprehensive and actionable policy framework,” Pamsut added.

I mentioned from betweenPresident of the International Council for Culture and Hunting Rob Raphael Cardinal expressed support for Bamsot’s statement.

According to Robb, the ICCA, as a consortium that oversees the crypto-asset industry, encourages central clearing and custodianship to support the convenience of crypto-asset investors and players in the crypto-asset industry in Indonesia.

Previously, Rob continued, the ICCA had been constantly supporting the growth and development of the cryptocurrency industry in Indonesia.

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“Previously, the IFSB has also consistently expressed the importance of consumer protection through strategic discussions with the Minister of Commerce as the ministry that oversees the crypto-asset industry in Indonesia,” Robb said.

“In addition, the IFSB is also actively conducting various educational activities for the public regarding the crypto-asset industry,” he continued.

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Previously, Bambang Soesatyo also demonstrated his support for the ICCA and the cryptocurrency industry by attending the opening ceremony of the ICCA’s founding in early 2022.

“The crypto-asset industry itself in Indonesia has shown a fairly rapid development with the crypto-asset market in Indonesia being the largest crypto market in Asia with a cumulative transaction value of IDR 859 trillion,” Rob said. About 63.3 trillion Indian rupees.

He added, “This shows great market potential and great public interest in this asset, so we at ICCA will continue to support and collaborate with many government agencies and industry players to support consumer protection and the development of the crypto-asset industry in Indonesia.” .

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