Indodax opens sound regarding leakage issues

Jakarta, – Today’s crypto news reviews about the oldest crypto exchange in Indonesia, Endodex which had an annoying problem of user data leakage.

It was rumored that 50,000 Indodax user passwords had been leaked and uploaded to a dark site.

This was revealed by a hacking investigation platform Dark Tracer via a Twitter account called darktracer_int. In terms of news, Indodax has also opened up about its sound. Check out Indodax CEO Oscar Dermawan’s explanation in today’s crypto news review:

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Avoiding Slanted Issues, Indodax CEO Opens Up – Crypto News Today

In response to the dark news circulating, Indodax CEO Oscar Dermawan confirmed that it was a hoax.

Indodax confirmed that the news is false. Because there are some irregularities in uploading by Twitter account.

“The news circulating on Twitter is a hoax, at first glance the data is clear that the data is wrong, because we do not have a member database in Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc. Because 99% of Indodax members are Indonesian citizens,” said Oscar Dermawan, Wednesday (9/14). 2022).

Oscar also lamented the distorted news circulating, as he considered the upload to be too biased.

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“I think this is a form of unhealthy competition, and I highly recommend our crypto players to keep this ecosystem clean for each other, and we support the development of cryptocurrency in Indonesia,” Oscar said.

Slanted claims targeting Indodax

Previously, the perverted news contained 50,000 passwords of Indodax users which were said to have been leaked and uploaded to a dark site. This was revealed by a hacking investigation platform Dark Tracer via a Twitter account called darktracer_int.

Dark Tracer wrote: “Nearly 50,000 user credentials of Indonesia’s largest crypto exchange INDODAX have been leaked to the dark web by malware theft.

Dark Tracer assessed that the largest number of leaks came from Indodax users who came from Indonesia.

“82.7 percent of that number are Indonesian user credentials,” Dark Tracer explained.

Indodax user data is protected by multi-layered security – today’s encryption news

But on the other hand, Indodax ensures that the company’s data and servers are secure amid reports that 50,000 platform user credentials or passwords have been leaked until they were uploaded to a dark site.

Indodax has implemented multiple layers of security or protection. Thus, of course, no party can break into the user data of the original Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange.

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Oscar explained that “without access to the member’s mobile phone, not even anyone can access the account” CNN Indonesia.

If there are parties claiming to have obtained Indodax data, Oscar believes the data was obtained by the member or from malware.

“There is a possibility that the hacker claiming to hack Indodax is a hoax or the data is obtained by attack on the part of the member, for example through malware or viruses on the part of the user’s browser,” Oscar said.

Therefore, he reminded all users of the Indodax platform not to simply download coding-related plugins in the browser. Because it is vulnerable to viruses or malware.

“Always make sure that the mobile phone and browser used for trading are safe and clean from viruses,” he said.

This is a cryptocurrency news review covering the issues that have plagued Indodax. The news was rejected by the CEO due to several irregularities. We hope that the information will be useful, and the encryption system in the country will be more advanced.

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