Incode & TOTM Technologies, a form of strategic cooperation

Jakarta, – Incode, an identity verification platform, announces partnership with TOTM Technologies as distributor To deliver one of the world’s best identity solutions, Incode Omni, to the Indonesian market as part of Incode’s expansion into Asia Pacific.

Incode is a company listed on 50 projects of Electricity Industry An industry leader in privacy-focused identity verification for global organizations. The Incode Omni platform has been used by many financial institutions and government agencies, markets Hotels and hospitals to customize their user experience, at scale while greatly reducing security and fraud risks. with technology negative life Face recognition and its unique technologies on a global level deep learning In depth, Incode Omni meets the most stringent compliance and security standards for global companies such as JumeirahTM Hotels, Rappi and Citi.

Indonesia is a major market for Incode and TOTM technologies in the Asia Pacific region. Indonesian companies are accelerating their digital transformation to address the growth of digitally savvy mobile users who demand a frictionless setup process and simpler experience. According to Statista, the penetration of smartphone use in Indonesia has reached 72% of the total population, while almost 73% have access to the Internet. Moreover, the pandemic has also contributed to 21 million new digital consumers, the majority (72%) of whom are from non-urban areas.

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As an identity management solution provider end to end A provider of biometrics products, TOTM Technologies supports organizations with identities and digital solutions on aboard of the plane It covers activities such as national identity, fintech, finance, healthcare, and controlling access to critical infrastructure. TOTM Technologies sees identity solutions as the key that opens unlimited doors and is committed to expanding the horizons of Indonesian businesses by offering world-class, secure, and first Incode biometric products to the region.

“We are proud to work with TOTM Technologies. The expertise and technical expertise of TOTM Technologies, a large customer base and understanding of a large Asian market such as Indonesia. With your support, I look forward to rapid growth in Indonesia as we continue our global expansion,” said Ricardo Amber, Founder and CEO of Incode. in the Asia Pacific region.

TOTM Technologies has a proven track record of helping companies transform their business operations with trusted biometrics and identity solutions, along with strong technical support across many industries. Our first partnership in the Asia Pacific region will be a milestone in Global Channel Roadmap We, as we expand our partnership system to meet market demand for reliable solutions. Allen Gans, Vice President of Business Development, Incode said.

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Companies in Indonesia are showing great interest in identity verification and management solutions, especially with the acceleration of digitalization due to the pandemic. We believe that Incode’s best-in-class solutions and disruptive technologies will deliver a secure, seamless and premium user experience as our customers prioritize in their highly competitive segment.” said Pierre Brunier, CEO and CEO, TOTM Technologies

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