How to Shop on Shopee with Kredivo, Unlimited Payment!

Jakarta, – How to shop in Shopee using Kredivo is definitely important for users of these two financial services.

Of course, many people agree that the presence of the online credit service from Kredivo is very useful for making purchases of goods in online merchant stores.

Thus, at the moment, anyone can withdraw any item with the payment system later using Kredivo.

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Kredivo also has a shopping feature Shopee. This means that you can shop in Shopee using Kredivo. However, for this transaction, you should pay attention to several things, in particular the Kredivo balance limit.

Shopee shopping transactions cannot be processed if the price of the item is more than the remaining credit limit. When you use Kredivo to shop at Shopee, you can also choose items at a much cheaper price than other merchants.

Basically, how to shop in this way is very easy and makes anyone not have to worry about spending money. Moreover, Kredivo also offers an installment option of up to 12 months, which makes shopping on Shopee even easier with Kredivo.

Then what about the payment system? Is there an administration fee in this transaction? Here is the full review.

How to shop in Shopee using kredivo

How to shop in Shopee with Kredivo

Before you know the steps of shopping this way, it is a good idea to meet the following terms and conditions first:

  • Sufficient credit balance
  • Kredivo accounts already support Shopee’s shopping feature
  • Kredivo limit has not been suspended
  • You have an internet connection

Well, if all the above points are completed, then you can buy goods from Shopee using Kredivo. Here is a complete guide that you can try:

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  • Run Shopee: First, open the Shopee app on your smartphone.
  • Select the item: Next, please search for the desired item. If so, please click “Buy Now”.
  • Select Checkout: On the next page, simply click on Checkout in the lower right corner.
  • Select the payment method: then select the payment method by bank transfer and then click Confirm -> Create Order.
  • Copy Payment Code: Next, copy the VA Number which will later be used as Payment Code in Kredivo.
  • Open the Kredivo App: Next step, please open the Kredivo App, and then click Shopee’s Shopping List.
  • Start Transaction: Next, please click on Start Transaction and then paste the VA number copied from the Shopee app.
  • Enter Payment Amount: In the next step, you will be asked to enter your shopping invoice amount as mentioned on the Shopee Checkout page. Then click Continue.
  • Enter your Kredivo PIN: Enter your 6-digit Kredivo PIN to complete your Shopee shopping transactions using Kredivo.
  • Successful transaction: Finally, you will receive a notification that your Shopee shopping with Kredivo credit has been successful. The status of the transaction will also be listed in the notifications list on Shopee.

Shopee Installment Limit Use Credit Limit

So, how about choosing the installment term for shopping in Shopee with Kredivo? In fact, to shop from Shopee this way, you don’t have the option of installments.

In this case, Kredivo only offers a payment period of 30 days, starting from the date of the transaction. As mentioned earlier, Kredivo only provides the mechanism to buy now and pay later.

This is different from shopping on Shopee with Akulaku, which may be able to offer installments of up to 12 months, depending on the price of the item.

Transaction price terms

In addition to the provisions regarding when to pay, Kredivo is also known to charge an administration fee to every user who purchases from Shopee using Kredivo. The nominal administration fee itself is very cheap, just Rs 1,000.

There are so many reviews on how to shop on Shopee with Kredivo that you need to know. Come on, pay as much as you want now!

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