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Jakarta, – Ovo Merchant is a modern payment system that can make it easier for you to run your business.

OVO is actively attracting entrepreneurs to join the OVO Merchant service. In fact, the service is unfortunate if it is not used by these commercial actors.

Because, there are many benefits that commercial actors will get if they join or register OVO Merchant. One of them is to increase turnover or profit for their business or store.

So why can the turnover rate be increased? Because this hack can make payments in your store easier, safer and faster. Buyers will also find it easy to shop, because they just need to unlock their cell phone and then scan the barcode in your store, then the payment will be completed.

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So for the buyer he does not bother to spend money, on the contrary, the seller also does not bother to change. OVO dealer registration requirements are not complicated, plus the registration fee is also free.

Ovo Merchant is..

To find out, OVO Merchant is a payment system that allows you to use digital money and manage your business in a single application.

With this app, all transactions are faster, instant, secure and you can get various other benefits.

Ovo Merchant is

How to register OVO dealer

To join as a merchant OVO its not hard. The way you need to do it is to send an email containing your personal ID with a description of your work to the address [email protected].

After sending the email, you will receive a notification message via the OVO merchant app regarding the status of the order.

After registering as an OVO dealer, you can experience the different amenities that this app offers.

As mentioned above, the OVO balance will be transferred to your bank account every day automatically. After registration, credit transfer can be started after OVO approves your registration.

In addition, the transfer will also be made automatically if the balance exceeds a certain amount. To access the transaction history, the OVO app will always display the latest transaction on your home screen.

If you want to track the transaction history on the desired date, it is very easy, just touch the report in the list on the side and then select the desired date.

Many questions regarding registration notices of account information changes can be made via email [email protected]. You can also contact the OVO Call Center 1500696 which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In addition to being easy and practical, the OVO application also reduces the risk of errors in financial reporting.

Business benefits

The benefits of OVO Merchant are not only limited to that but there are many other advantages that you should know about. Here is an overview of the benefits of OVO Merchant for small, medium, small and micro business players in Indonesia. between them;

1. Safe from counterfeit money

By joining, there is no risk of receiving fake money. Since all payment or transfer transactions are done digitally, there is no cash in the transaction.

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2. Don’t bother with change

With the OVO EDC device or the OVO Merchant app, you don’t have to bother changing. Conversely, consumers or buyers can easily pay because they just scan the barcode in your store or business.

3. Transfer money automatically

Any money that enters the application, it will be automatically transferred to your bank account. So you don’t have to worry about this, because every day it will send money to your account if there is money coming from transactions using this app.

4. You can join GrabFood

Fortunately, signing up for OVO Merchant can make it easier for you to join GrabFood. So you will get a twofold increase in the turnover of OVO Merchant as well as GrabFood.

5. No discount fees

You don’t have to worry about fees, because when you sign up you won’t be charged. In addition to the free registration fee, you are also not charged a discount fee.

6. Obtaining financial data

Another advantage is that you can get detailed and real time financial reports on this app. So you no longer need to bother preparing financial reports.

7. Definitely increase your turnover

Another advantage if you join as a partner is that you can increase your sales or profits. This is because buyers will feel comfortable and safe when shopping in your store, plus your store also looks modern as it supports payments with digital money.

This is a number of things you should know. Ovo Merchant is one of the new achievements to make your work easier. We hope it is useful.

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