How to pay PDAM water bills in Akolaco and requirements

Jakarta, – It is important to know how to pay your PDAM water bill in Akulaku along with the requirements in this review.

service Akulaku Not only did those present in everyday life make it easier to buy goods on credit, because now the Akulaku limit can be used to pay PDAM water bills.

Well, new users of Akulaku, including you, probably don’t know about this feature yet. On the other hand, Akulaku also applies a number of provisions regarding the use of limits to pay this bill.

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The nominal PDAM water bill for each customer will of course be different, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of rupees. Therefore, before making any transaction, first make sure that your existing Akulaku balance is sufficient to pay your PDAM water bill at the stated face value.

Furthermore, when Akulaku credit is used to pay PDAM water bills, the late fee due date also applies. For more information, check out the review below.

Requirements regarding how to pay PDAM water bills in Akolaku

Therefore, before entering the payment method, you must first know the terms and conditions that apply to the use of Akulaku services to pay for PDAM water. Not just enough credit, here are a number of other conditions that must be met in order to carry out the said transaction.

1. Access to the payment area is a requirement to pay PDAM water bills in Akolaku

First, the area you live in must be covered by the PDAM water jetting area in Akulaku. So far, Akulaku has supported more than 50 regions that can use this facility, including Jakarta, Batam, Kalimantan, Sukabumi, Bandung, Banyumas, Plora, Bogor, etc.

2. You don’t have Akulaku loan bills

Then, until this transaction can be carried out, you are also not allowed to get an invoice on Akulaku loan with a face value of more than IDR 1,000,000, both from KTA Assetku and installment funds. This means that when you have a bill, you have to pay it first if you want to pay your PDAM water bill by Akulaku.

3. Points over 700 points

Finally, Akulaku Credit Score exceeded the 700-point minimum. If it is less than this amount, the Akulaku limit cannot be used for any transactions, including payment of PDAM water bills.

How to pay PDAM water bills in Akulaku

If you have met all the requirements, you can pay your PDAM water bill through Akulaku right away. The time required for this transaction is only 2 minutes. Here are the steps:

  • Launch the Akulaku App: Open the Akulaku App on the smartphone. Also, make sure that the device you are using is connected to the Internet.
  • Select PDAM Water List: Click on PDAM Water List on the main page.
  • Select your payment area: Click on the Payment area column, then find where you live.
  • Enter the customer number: Next, enter the user ID in the customer number field.

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  • Choose Installments: For the payment method, select Installments. Then, click Next to complete the payment.

For information, before finalizing the transaction, you can check the invoice details first, that is, by clicking on Additional Information. Later, information regarding customer numbers, invoice amounts and other things will appear.

How to pay the water bill in Akulaku

PDAM Fee in Akolaco

Do you know how to pay PDAM water bills via Akulaku? Now, you also need to know that this transaction charges an administration fee. However, the exact amount is not listed on the confirmation page.

Basically, the amount of this administration fee will be adjusted with the amount of PDAM water bills you have and will be included directly in the total Akulaku bill.

The same policy applies to other bill payments, such as electricity token purchases and electricity postpaid with Akulaku Credit.

PDAM Water Payment Due Date via Akulaku

Akulaku and PDAM each have their own provisions regarding the deadline for paying bills. PDAM itself required all customers to pay their bills at the beginning of each month. Usually, there are survey officers who come to the house upon entering the time of payment.

On the other hand, Akulaku provides three options for payment deadlines, including 2, 10, and 25 day. This selection is adjusted for the user’s invoice printing date. Here are the full details:

  • Invoice printing date: 15, 26, 11
  • Payment date: 2, 10, 25

Penalty for late payment of the PDAM water bill

It should also be noted that Akulaku also applies penalties in the form of fines to users who do not pay their bills on time. Like the provisions on administrative fees, the amount of the late payment fine for Akulaku also depends on the amount of the PDAM water bill.

In a sense, the higher the nominal bill, the higher the fine that must be paid. This information is clearly stated on the confirmation page.

Some reviews on how to pay PDAM water bills in Akulaku that you can try right now. Good luck and God bless you!

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