How to open an account to pay orders

Jakarta, – GoPay Jago is a new breakthrough in financial services as a result of the integration between GoPay and Bank Jago.

This is because the integration of digital banking services and on-demand platforms is the first time in Indonesia.

Of course, this standardization will also provide convenience to its users, especially in financial arrangements and access to digital banking services.

Quoted from the official page GojekGoPay Jago is the result of the collaboration between Gojek and Jago and is the latest payment method in the Gojek app. Through this service, users can pay for various services without having to recharge the balance and managing expenses becomes easier.

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Jago itself is an application that can help you manage your money more easily, collaboratively and innovatively so that you can live better with family and friends.

For your information, PT Bank Jago Tbk It is registered and supervised by the Financial Services Authority (OJK) and is a participant in the Deposit Insurance Corporation (LPS) Guarantee Program. Here is the full review.

Why should you use GoPay Jago?

There are many advantages and benefits if you create a Jago account at Gojek and pay for Gojek services using GoPay Jago, including:

  • Make your balance grow
  • Get IDR 100,000 Instant Bonus
  • Can be good at managing expenses
  • free of charge
  • Open an account easily

How to open a Jago account from Gojek App – GoPay Jago

The most interesting thing about integrating Bank Jago with GoPay is that you can open a Bank Jago account via the Gojek app.

The process of opening a personal account with Bank Jago is also very easy and practical. Here are the easy steps that you need to do to open an account:

  • Open the Gojek app and select the Explore menu
  • Select the Jago icon and see what convenience it can get
  • Click “OK, continue” to the registration process
  • Enter your email and mobile phone number
  • Enter the OTP code sent via SMS to your mobile number
  • Create a password for your Jago account
  • Read the terms and conditions, then click Continue if you agree
  • You will enter the data verification process and click Continue
  • Click “Video Call Now” and you will be contacted by Customer Service
  • do it!

The process of creating a Jago account in the GoPay app is very easy and fast, and it only takes 5 minutes. In addition to that, also make sure that your account is GoPay Plus to be able to open a Jago Bank account.

If not, don’t worry because you can instantly upgrade your account to GoPay Plus in the Gojek app.

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How to Create a Jago Bank Account on Gojek App

  1. Make sure you update the Gojek app first (at least version 4.24.2 for Android and 4.24 for iOS)
  2. Select “Explore” in the GoPay menu
  3. Select “Jago” on the GoPay feed page. Later, you will be directed to Jago registration page and click on OK, continue
  4. Enter the email and mobile phone number registered in the Gojek account
  5. Enter your GoPay PIN
  6. Enter the OTP code sent to your registered mobile number
  7. Create a password for your Bank Jago account
  8. Upload your e-KTP*
  9. Upload a selfie while carrying an e-KTP
  10. Fill in the additional information needed by Bank Jago for your account opening process
  11. Read and confirm the applicable terms and conditions by ticking
  12. Later, you will be directed to make a video call with the available Jago staff to complete the registration process
  13. If all your data matches, your Jago account can be used within 1 x 24 hours after registration
  14. If you have completed the entire process and your Jago account has been successfully created, you can use your Jago Pocket as a payment method in the Gojek app. * If your GoPay Plus account status is accepted, you don’t need to do steps 9 and 10.

To register, if you want to create a Bank Jago account on the Gojek app, make sure the documents you use are the same as the documents used to upgrade your GoPay Plus. To facilitate Bank Jago transactions, you can also download the Jago app.

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How to connect Jago with Gojek – GoPay Jago

  • Click on the Jago icon in the GoPay menu in the Gojek app: Open the Gojek app then tap on the GoPay Explore menu and tap on the Jago menu.
  • Click OK, continue: If you already have a Jago account and connected to Gojek, you will be directed to the GoPay Jago menu.
  • Fill in your mobile number, email and password: Make sure what you fill in is the appropriate data when creating a Jago account.
  • Enter Gojek PIN: Enter the appropriate 6-digit Gojek PIN.
  • Your Jago Account Already Connected: Now, you can use Kantong Jago to pay for GoFood, GoCar, GoRide, GoBluebird and GoTagihan.

How to make a good bag

  • Click “Payment Method” in the Gojek Settings menu: then select Kantong Jago.
  • Click on the “Create a new pocket” tab: create a new pocket by selecting the available list.
  • Name the pockets: customize Pockets of Jago according to your needs and don’t forget to add a photo.
  • Fix: You just have to separate the money into pockets according to the spending allocation.

How to pay for orders with Jago

You can already pay with Kantong Jago for GoRide, GoFood, GoCar, GoBluebird and GoTagihan services. However, please connect Kantong Jago first to be able to pay.

Well, before you connect, make sure you already have a Jago account. If so, please follow these steps:

  • Select “Explore” in the GoPay menu
  • Select the “Settings” menu
  • Select “Set Payment Method”
  • Select “Add” in the Best Pockets option
  • Confirm approval of the next step
  • Enter the email and mobile number registered in the Gojek app
  • Enter the OTP code sent to your registered number
  • Enter the password for the Jago account
  • Success! Your main pocket has been successfully connected

Your Jago balance can only be used as a payment method for GoRide, GoFood, GoCar, GoBluebird and GoTagihan services.

There are a lot of GoPay Jago reviews that you need to know about. Open an account now!

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