How to make a lot of money in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley is my latest addiction, and as a veteran MMO player, I came to learn and understand the easiest ways to approach resource management simulation and come up with a big load of cash.

There are a lot of easy ways to make money in Dreamlight Valley, but this method is the most worthwhile, as it allows you to create a money farm without much dedication. You’ll be making a lot of Star Coins without doing much, allowing you to tackle the accompanying quests and deal with other things around your village. It simply comes down to this: do not underestimate the value of the crops and make sure that you are selling the right crops.

1. Dig your farm

To start, you’ll want a huge farm. When I say big, I really mean big (dig at least 200 holes). Feel free to move some of your village homes into neat and tidy corners to make sure you have enough space to handle the full scope of what you are about to do.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

(Image credit: Disney)

The picture above shows the size of my farm. You can get bigger if you want to, but at this point, it’s probably not necessary. I moved my house to the corner for more space.

2. Find a mate

Once you dig enough space, this next step is very important. Make sure one of your buddies has the extension Gardens Features. To check if any of them have this, pause the game, go to Collection Then scroll down to Personalities. You can hover over each character to see what they have. It will be listed at the bottom of the screen.

Disney Dreamlight Valley

(Image credit: Disney)

If one of your characters doesn’t have the extension Gardens Attribute, check if anyone in your village is still in the first level. If so, you can quickly shower with gifts (try their favorite flowers or items), to carry them up to the second level. Once there, you can decide which theme they will specialize in (this won’t work for Ariel or Ursula). Obviously, choose Gardens.

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