How to invest in stocks for beginners, here are the simple steps

Jakarta, – How to invest in stocks is important to understand. Because investment can bring profit Alias ​​cuan.

For starters, how to invest in stocks is very important. Stocks can be lucrative and easy to make, so these investments are increasingly becoming a prima donna among millennials and Z generations.

Besides there are many online applications that make online investing accessible, making investment enthusiasts higher. And of the various investments currently available, the stock can be said to be the most recent by Prima Donna.

As it has been so popular lately, investing in stocks is no longer a long term savings asset, in fact many people have used it as trading or stock trading as well.

Well, the popularity of stocks as an investment vehicle is, of course, affected by various things, among which, of course, is the possibility of making very large, even many times, profits. However, getting big profits from playing stocks is not random, aka very difficult.

Are you interested in investing in stocks? Here is a review of how to invest in these stocks.

How to invest in stocks

How to start investing in stocks online

Investing in stocks online is the most popular option for investing in stocks today. starting from Cermati.comHere are the steps.

1. How to invest in stocks by preparing personal documents

The personal documents to be prepared are:

  • ID Card: KTP / KITAS / Passport, ID card is a mandatory requirement for those who want to open a stock account. For Indonesian citizens, the mandatory requirement is an ID card, which cannot be exchanged for a SIM card or passport. Meanwhile, for foreigners, the KITAS/Passport requirement is also a mandatory requirement.

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  • TIN is also a mandatory requirement when opening a securities account. If you do not have an NPWP, you can request a letter from the securities company where you register your account to make a statement that you do not have an NPWP, which is a sign of the stamp duty.
  • A savings book cover is also a requirement. Having a book cover makes it easy for securities to check customers’ bank accounts. If the customer later wants to withdraw money from a stock account, that account will be the custodian bank every time he withdraws money. You can also integrate your bank account into RDI by consulting a broker.
  • No, KSEI ID, this requirement only applies if you already have a share account and wish to open a second account.
  • A copy of the housewife’s husband’s ID card, a copy of the husband’s tax identification number, and a copy of the family card are usually required to be attached.
  • Stamps 6000 rupees, money can also be saved to buy stamps. Seal required between 2-8 seals, as needed.

2. How to invest in stocks by selecting a stock company online

Next, you have to choose an online stock company. This securities company acts as a broker for securities trading and is responsible for two things, namely:

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  • Carrying out the activities of buying and selling securities for private interests or the interests of others.
  • Stocks and bonds are bought and sold through or outside the stock exchange.

3. Fill out the online stock investment registration form provided

Fill out account opening forms, including stock accounts and investor money accounts. Filling out the form is similar to opening an account in a bank. Fill in each field in the account opening form correctly.

Also, do not forget to attach the requirements for opening an account in the form of a set of personal documents as indicated in the points above.

4. How to invest in stocks by opening an RDI (Investor Fund Account)

After completing the stock account opening form. You can also fill out another form to open an RDI (Investor Fund Account). RDI is your money account, which is deposited with a bank, separately from that of the stock company.

The main function of RDI is to have your own bank account for all stock transaction settlements. RDI itself aims to store client funds that were not purchased from stocks.

5. Wait for the account opening process to complete

The length of this calculation depends on the chosen RDI. In general, the account opening process takes about a week. After the account opening process is completed, investors will be confirmed with the open RDI number.

6. How to then invest in stocks by downloading a trusted trading app

After you get your ID, password and PIN, that means you can start investing in stocks. You can download the trading application provided by the broker either on the AppStore, PlayStore or directly from the broker’s website where you have registered to open a stock account.

7. Enter the initial deposit

The initial deposit is made when the RDI opening process is completed. The initial deposit deposit is also intended to activate the stock account you opened. You can deposit in cash or transfer from your personal account to RDI.

Here are the steps:

  • Prepare money from savings and deposit it in your RDN number.
  • Deposits can be transferred via ATM, mobile banking or internet banking.
  • Wait a bit after converting to RDN.
  • Then check the funds received in the online trading application that is installed.
  • After making the initial deposit, all you have to do is wait for your ID, password and PIN to be submitted to log into your online stock account. Besides, you will also get a KSEI Access Card.

8. You can start buying and selling stocks

The minimum stock purchase is 1 lot. Buying one share of stock equals buying 100 shares. Likewise with the sale of stocks. Shares are sold for at least 1 lot.

Each stock purchase and sale transaction is subject to a transaction fee in accordance with the policies of each securities company. IDX’s stock prices vary. The price reflects the value of the company.

9. The next way to invest in stocks is to order stocks online

After the stock deal is successful, you can change the buy price or sell price of the stock. This feature is available in the online stock app when trading stocks.

If the position you placed does not happen, you can see the positions available in the market at that time. Then you can change the price depending on the capital market conditions.

10. Settlement of purchases and sales of shares

In stock transactions, settlement or settlement can be done two days after the transaction. The price corresponds to the transactions made two days ago. If you do not make a settlement within the stipulated time, you will be fined 45 percent annually.

This is an online stock investment method that you can try. I hope this information is useful to you.

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