How to Install TWRP/CWM on Andromax G2 LE (Limited Edition)

After unlocking root access on Andromax G2 LE, I now want to share custom TWRP and CWM recovery for this G2 LE. For those who don’t know what TWRP and CWM custom recovery is, here we will explain a little bit about custom recovery.

Almost all Android devices have hidden recovery tools that are useful for backing up data, installing firmware updates or performing a soft reset/factory reset when the Android system gets stuck/bootloop due to a bad coding app installed. By developers, this underground recovery is developed again so that it has more functions like make ROM backups, install custom ROM/disk etc., can use touch screen function and sdcard partition.

Andromax G2 LE (Limited Edition) now has TWRP (Team Win Recovery Project) that can be installed on this smartphone. In my opinion, TWRP is easier to use and has more complete features than CWM. For those who are not used to using TWRP, one day we will be posting how to use TWRP.

Before installation, please pay attention to the following matters below:

  1. – specially for Andromax G2 Limited Edition Also known as Coolpad SD6D1U
  2. – Make sure your G2 LE is rooted first. To know how see the post How to Root Andromax G2 LE
  3. – All consequences caused by this custom refund, are not our responsibility.

TWRP Update
Recommendations for using the latest TWRP in this post:

How to Install TWRP Custom Recovery on Smartfren Andromax G2 Limited Edition

  • TWRP Andromax G2 Limited Edition (use the link above)
  • Install Rashr Flash Tool on Google Play Store
  • Run the Rashr app
  • The first time it shows a warning to recover the backup and boot.img (recommend to do the backup first)
  • Choose flash recovery
  • then select “Recover from storage
  • Then find the TWRP file you downloaded earlier and tap
  • Later there will be a popup warning! Choose “Yes please
  • Then she sayspartition flashed” Choose “Yes please
    Picture of How to Install TWRP/CWM on Andromax G2 LE (Limited Edition) 2
  • After that, the G2 Limited Edition will enter the TWRP menu
  • About 1 minute on dark screen, just wait (Because there is an error in screen timeOutside)
  • After that the screen will turn on (if it gets dark again, just press the power button, and the screen will turn on again)
  • Then go to settings and select screen and set screen timeout 15 (So that when you enter the recovery will be faster)
  • Well, back up your ROM to protect against unwanted things someday.

Please also read the tutorial about TWRP:
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