How to Increase Akulaku Credit Score Fast, Last 2022

Jakarta, – How to quickly increase Akulaku credit score, latest 2022, is important for loyal Akulaku users to understand.

As a loyal user AkulakuYou must have enjoyed the benefits of this wonderful service. One of the advantages of the Akulaku service is its ability to save a limit of millions of rupees.

In addition, the Akucicil feature available in it can also be used with an installment term of up to 12 months depending on the price of the purchased goods.

However, to use the Akulaku limit, there are a number of things to consider, including the issue of credit points. In this case, when The user’s Akulaku points balance is less than the specified minimum, then the Akulaku limit cannot be used.

If this is the case then you need to increase my Akulaku Credit Score. But what is the way to increase points?

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Don’t worry, because in the following article you will find different quick ways to increase your Akulaku credit score. Not only that, but you will also know the benefits of having lots of credit points in your Akulaku account. Here’s the full review.

How to increase Akulaku points balance: What is Akulaku points balance?

For more information, Credit Score is an assessment of Akulaku regarding your track record as an Akulaku user, primarily related to your billing and merchandise purchase history in this app.

If the number of credit points is less than the minimum, the installment feature of Akulaku cannot be used. So, What is the minimum credit point so that all features in Akulaku can be used?

Akulaku itself requires each user to reach a credit score limit of at least 700 points. If it is less than this amount, the user must take steps to increase the credit score.

Here’s how to see your Akulaku credit score:

  • Install the Akulaku app.
  • Log in to your Akulaku account on your mobile application.
  • After logging in successfully, go to Akulaku Finance homepage and click on Credit Points Score.

How to Increase Akulaku Credit Score Quickly

Is there a quick way to increase Akulaco Credit Score? Of course there is and the process can be done quickly and easily without complicated conditions. Here is a guide.How do I increase my credit score

1. Buy goods with cash

First, you can quickly increase your credit score by purchasing items at Akulaku with cash. However, please note that digital items such as credit, bundles and electrical tokens cannot be used as a quick way to increase credit points.

Therefore, you need to buy other types of products, such as clothes, computer accessories, smartphones, etc., with a token purchase of more than IDR 50,000.

2. Always pay your installments on time

Second, you have to keep a record of your Akulaku bills payment, whether it’s KTA Assetku loans, installment funds, or Akucicil bills.

If your payment history is good, your Akulaku credit score can increase quickly.

3. Entering job data as a way to increase Akulaco points balance

For those who want to increase credit score quickly, you need to complete the job data information.

The data consists of place of work, type of work and even nominal income per month. To complete this information, please open the Funding menu and then enter the Limit Increase menu.

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4. Hobbies & Hobbies

Another way is to conduct transactions according to your hobbies and interests. Akulaku will later record a history of the types of purchase transactions that take place most often.

If these items are always purchased through Akulaku, the Akulaku credit points will automatically increase.

5. Entering NPWP Data as a Way to Increase Akulaku Credit Score

Furthermore, you can also enter NPWP data (if any). The reason is that this method can make credit points very quickly.

In addition, this method can also be used to increase the Akulaku credit limit.

6. Complete social relations data

Finally, to increase your Akulaku credit score, you can enter social relations data. This data includes email, mobile phone number and home address to complete the data related to the user’s family.

This way, it won’t take long for your Akulaku credit score to increase.

The benefits of having many credit points

If you have done the above method, then you can see credit score count via Akulaku Finance app. Well, here are some advantages that you will get if the number of credit points is more than the minimum.

1. Akucicil’s features can be used

When your credit score reaches 700 or more, you can use the Akucicil feature on every purchase of goods in Akulaku.

2. Activate Akulaku Features

When you have an above average credit score, you also get access to special Akulaku features, especially installment funds.

This feature allows you to borrow money with a total of IDR 30,000,000 and long-term installments.

3. Get additional credit limit

Akulaku often provides additional credit limits for users with a lot of credit points. The limit amount given ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of rupees. Fun isn’t it?

Some reviews on how to increase Akulaku credit score that you need to know. Good luck and good luck!

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