How to fix iPhone with yellow battery

Yellow iPhone battery

Have you noticed on your iPhone that the battery is yellow on the home screen instead of the normal one? There is a reason for that as well as an easy solution. This guide explains why your iPhone battery is yellow and what to do about it.

Many people wonder if something is wrong with their iPhone and their iPhone battery when it turns yellow. You don’t have to worry when you see a yellow battery indicator like the picture above.

Why is my iPhone battery indicator turning yellow?

The reason why the battery indicator on your iPhone is yellow is because your iPhone is set to Low Power Mode, and this is a mode that can be used to save battery life when you need some extra power from your device.

iPhone battery

When your iPhone battery drops to 20 percent, you are given the option to switch your device to Low Power Mode. This mode can also turn on without people realizing and thus wondering why the battery indicator on their device turns yellow.

How can I return the iPhone battery to its normal color?

This is an easy solution, to switch from the yellow battery on your device, you need to turn off the low power mode and go back to the normal battery mode.

yellow iPhone battery

This can be done on your device by going to Settings and turning off Low Power Mode, this will bring your device back to standard battery mode like the image below.

What is Low Power Mode and when should it be used?

Low Power Mode is a useful mode that can be used when your iPhone battery is running low. When you switch to Low Power Mode, a number of things will be turned off on your device to reduce battery consumption

Yellow iPhone battery

Low Power Mode reduces the power used by features like background app refresh, email fetching, automatic downloads, and pause iCloud photos, and it also reduces some of the visual effects on your iPhone.

You can learn more details about using Low Power Mode on your iPhone and how it can help you when your watch runs out of battery Apple website.

Hopefully, this explained why the battery color on your iPhone has changed and how you can get it back to normal. We also hope that you will find the information about Low Power Mode useful so that you can use it when you need some extra power on your iPhone.

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