How to Fix Excel Product Activation Failed, Here’s a Trick You Need to Know

There are many reasons that cause the activation failed issue, here is an explanation.

Illustration for Microsoft Excel. (Pixabay) – Activation failure issue on Microsoft Office products is a problem that often occurs, especially in the widely used Excel application. How to fix Excel product activation failure will help you overcome activation failure.

Excel with the full name Microsoft Office Excel is a calculation data processing application software released by Microsoft that is part of Microsoft Office.

Excel has a green character logo as a default and is often used to create table data and mathematical calculations.

This activation failure error is typically marked with a red title bar and the words Product Activation Failed. In some cases, this activation failure also makes some Excel functions and features unusable.

So, you can try to fix this Excel product activation failed to solve this problem.

Many reasons cause this activation failure issue, ranging from using pirated Excel applications, using outdated shareware to problems with Microsoft Excel application itself.

Excel file illustration.  (Pixabay)
Excel file illustration. (Pixabay)

Before you start fixing this activation failure issue, you should make sure that your Excel license is not an issue. You can check in the following way:

  • Open the Excel app
  • Then access the File menu
  • Select Accounts.
    If activated, the Product Information section will display a description of the activated product.
    he did.

For users using the original software, it is very easy to get around this, that is, you just need to reactivate it by connecting your device to the Internet.

Then Excel will automatically try to reactivate it. In addition, you can also follow the method below to overcome activation failure in your Excel.

Steps to Eliminate Product Activation Failure in Excel

1. Close all running Microsoft Office applications, including Excel
2. Open the local disk C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office 2016
3. Right-click on OSPREARM.EXE and select Run as administrator
4. Then click Yes and wait a few moments for the process to complete.

This is the Excel product activation failed method you can try, so you’ll never be bothered again when using an app from Microsoft. How? Easy isn’t it?

Contributor: Jeffrey Francisco

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