How to Fatality Liu Kang PS2, Here are the steps in Mortal Kombat you need to know

Here is the Liu Kang PS2 Mortal Kombat death method that you need to know.

Mortal Kombat PS2 – Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. (masses) – Liu Kang PS2 death method can help you complete tasks easily. Mortal Kombat Fatalities is a brutal final action that can be done at the end of a fight during a match. Liu Kang is one of the most recognizable and playable characters in the series.

He was one of Earthrealm’s greatest fighters, and he had defeated countless people as a testament to his bravery. Liu Kang is a member of the White Lotus Society and extensively trained at Wu Xi Academy. Liu in the academy was killed by the Shang killer’s alliance with Quan Chi.

To support Liu Kang in defeating the enemy, it is necessary to take prop steps. You can get these moves from death. The way Liu Kang PS2 dies is fairly easy. Here’s how Liu Kang PS2 team died summarize for you.

How to Die Liu Kang PS2

• Choose Liu Kang as your Mortal Kombat character.
• Select the deaths you want to use.
• Press the PS2 console according to the desired death formula.

List of deaths in Liu Kang PS2

1. Shaolin soccer ball: down, left, up, right, square.
2. Fraction combo: left, up, up, right, square.
3. Fire kick: left, right, down, down, square.
4. Uppercut: up, right, down, left, square.
5. Dragon: Down, Right, Left, Left, Square.
6. Giant stomping: left, left, left, up, square.
7. Clap head: right, up, right, up, square.
8. Pull arm: down, left, right, up, square.
9. Fire path (multiple): up, down, up, down, triangle.
10. Dragon’s Wrath (multiple): Left, Right, Up, Up, Triangle.
11. Fury mode (brutal): Right, Up, Down, Down, Circle.

Mortal Kombat is a fighting game series that is famous for its brutal elements. This game is very popular in different circles ranging from teenagers to adults.

Mortal Kombat offers a challenging fighting experience that you will not feel in other similar fighting games.

In this game, the character Liu Kang finally finds his archenemy in the traitor Shang Tsung. Shang Tsung is a mage who has been defeated in many battles.

Liu is often seen as the greatest threat to the plans of the Shang and his Emperor Shao Kahn.

This is Liu Kang’s death method that you can try to fight the enemy in battle. I wish you a nice play.

Contributor: Pasha Ija Wilkins

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