How to Convert ShopeePay to GoPay via App to QRIS

Jakarta, – The following method to convert ShopeePay to GoPay is very important for users of this service to know.

Well, for loyal app users, ShopeePayIn fact, there are many amenities and features that can be used easily, among them making transfers to other digital wallets, among others, GoPay.

In this case, you can easily move your balance quickly. Of course, it is more practical and saves time for the very busy. When shopping and paying for various needs, this can be done using digital wallets, such as ShopeePay and GoPay.

So how do you transfer from ShopeePay to GoPay? Here is the full review.

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Account Verification on How to Convert ShopeePay to GoPay

If you meet all the requirements, you can make a transfer from ShopeePay to GoPay.

However, before converting ShopeePay to GoPay, please verify your account first.

It is enough to set up an ID, and verification in this ShopeePay account will activate the transfer feature.

How to convert ShopeePay to GoPay using the app

How to convert ShopeePay to GoPay using an app means that you have to use a third party app as an intermediary.

There are several ways to choose from, including using a bank account, transferring a certain amount of the balance to a third party and it will be redirected to your GoPay account.

1. Using a bank account

First, you can use a bank account, with the features used are transfer and withdrawal of funds. In some banks, this transaction is free or free and you will not be limited to the number of transactions per day. This is the guide:

  • Open the Gojek App then select Top Up and continue to select other methods and continue with Online Banking
  • Then select and click on one of the names of the banks that will be used for the transfer
  • Type the account number for GoPay top-up of online banking used
  • Proceed to open a Shopee account and then enter the ShopeePay feature, then select Transfer and proceed with withdrawals to a bank account
  • Next, copy the account number to fill in GoPay, and add it to the bank list
  • On the confirmation page, fill in the amount of the balance to be transferred. ShopeePay has a minimum transfer requirement of IDR 10,000
  • Then select Confirm
  • Then enter your 6-digit ShopeePay PIN. Make sure it’s not an error so the transaction can be processed
  • do it! The system will be loaded for a while. When done, please proceed by verifying your GoPay account again to make sure you have entered the balance

2. Using a credit expert

The process of registering through is very easy with an interface with many features. There are many transaction options: In addition to transferring balances from ShopeePay to Gojek, you can also buy credit cards, data packages, top up digital banking credits and also buy electricity tokens. This is the guide:

  • Visit the site You can use any browser from a smartphone or PC and laptop
  • Make sure you already have an account on If not, register via the registration menu on the main page at the top right
  • Enter your desired WA number, username, email and password
  • Then enter the password confirmation if you are using the app because of someone’s recommendation, and don’t forget to enter the referral code
  • Then log in with the username and password used to register. Make sure both data are correct so that the process runs smoothly
  • Next, select the GoPay menu and enter the mobile phone number registered in the GoPay account
  • Click on GoPay Recharge option, then check the price and proceed by selecting and entering the nominal shipping fee (minimum IDR 10k)
  • Next, enter the user into the column in the left corner
  • Then select ShopeePay payment method and click Create Order
  • A QR code will appear on the screen to top up GoPay from ShopeePay
  • Don’t forget to check the payment amount (shipping rate + administration fee)
  • Screenshot of saving the payment code
  • After performing all the above operations, switch to the ShopeePay app to make payments

How to transfer shopeepay to gopay

After that, please open a Shopee account first, by following these steps:

  • Open a Shopee account, enter the ShopeePay feature, and then click the scan code in ShopeePay Balance
  • Then, click on the image icon in the upper right corner of the Scan Code page
  • Keep giving the app permission to access the gallery
  • In the gallery, select the screenshot created to process GoPay payments
  • Then switch to the payment page, and check all transaction data
  • Then select Pay Now and enter your 6-digit ShopeePay PIN
  • he did

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How to convert ShopeePay to GoPay without using an app

In addition to the application, how to transfer ShopeePay to GoPay without an application can also be done. The trick is to make a transaction with a scanned proof so it can be processed and the balance entered afterwards.

Transactions can also be made through trusted Shopee sellers and you have to find a store that provides this service by taking advantage of the large credit when compared to the number of payments to be made.

1. Use QRIS

With this application, the process is fast and does not require the help of other applications. In addition, later, it also does not require a complex verification process. This is the guide:

  • Open Gojek App then select Top Up, then select Top Up via QRIS
  • Next, type in the desired face value
  • Next, screenshot to save the payment code and as proof of the transaction
  • Next, open the ShopeePay app and click on the scan button in the Balance Contents section
  • In the Scan section, select the image button in the upper right corner
  • Then select and click the screenshot image, and click Pay Now
  • Enter a ShopeePay PIN with up to 6 digits ShopeePay
  • Then click OK
  • To make sure all transactions are successful, please enter the ShopeePay feature and see if the balance goes down

Next, please check your GoPay account to make sure the amount has been entered.

2. Use the seller Shopee

  • Open the Shopee app, then login to your account
  • Enter the search field and type Top Up GoPay
  • Shopee will display all product selection lists
  • Simply select and click on the product balance logo. Before that, first check with the seller or seller. Choose only trusted items, that is, looking at the star rating of the seller or the review as well as the rating
  • Then scroll down and read the product description in detail
  • Enter the chat feature, contact the seller and ask if the order for a GoPay top-up product is still available and they can make transactions
  • If you can then proceed by choosing the nominal packing and making an order
  • And send your GoPay number via the feedback column or via email
  • Then pay with ShopeePay and wait until there is a notification of the balance in your GoPay account
  • do it!

There are a lot of reviews on how to convert ShopeePay to GoPay that you need to know. Good luck and God bless you!

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