How to change fonts for Vivo all latest models 2022

A tutorial on how to easily change fonts on Vivo smartphones and I also share a bunch of fonts in .itz format. Since many are asking how to change Vivo Funtouch font, here I am making itz font compatible with vivo Funtouch rom which I rotated some time ago.

Funtouch OS It is an interface or user interface developed by Vivo for all their Android smartphones. This user interface is the same MIUI belongs to xiaomi, ColorOS Made by OPPO or Grace UI For Samsung smartphones. Each of these interfaces has its own advantages.

One drawback of the interface I mentioned above is the inability to change the font, in the past maybe we could easily change the fonts but now to change the font the feature has been removed. It’s not the only Vivo device that can’t change the font, and Xiaomi and OPPO are also facing something like this.

How to make Vivo Fonts an everlasting experience

How to change Vivo fonts with iMod V
If you want to use the 5 minute trial streak forever for free, please use the iMod V app. Below are the steps.

  1. Download and then install iMod V on your Vivo phone.
  2. Choose one of the premium fonts in iTheme.
  3. Then apply the line.
  4. Close iTheme and open the iMod V app.
  5. Choose new theme method.
  6. After that click calligraphy app.
  7. If successful, a notification will appear permanent activation.

How to Change Vivo Font via zFont App

Well, for those who don’t know how to use the zfont app, check out the tutorial below.

  1. Installing the application zFont – Custom Font Installer [No ROOT] It is located in the Google Play Store.
  2. Once installed, open the app, and there will be different menus like Colors to create colorful fonts, Emojis to replace emojis, Cool to change custom fonts. choose you Fabulous or Colors which is above.
    zfont changer vivo
  3. Then you will see different types of letters. Choose the font as you like. Then you click the . button Download. After downloading, click the button Designation.
    vivo font download
  4. next one I am the subject It will open, you choose Sweetened at the bottom and then select the option local lines.
    vivo local line
  5. Later the fonts that come from this zFont will appear. Click on the font file and then press the . button Progressing who is at the bottom.
    Vivo font application

For Vivo users with Funtouch OS 2.5 interface, here I will share some fonts .itz Which I converted from a font changer app called iFont. For old Vivo mobile phones, you can still use this app. For Vivo which is now made, it is no longer possible, the only way is to manually repack the format .itz.

How to change .itz Font on Vivo (Funtouch OS 2.5 and earlier)

The fonts below are from the most popular font apps, which are iFont. The font below is compatible with Vivo Y31L, Y21L and other Vivo smartphones using Android 5.1.1 with UI Funtouch OS 2.5. I chose these fonts because iFont is the most downloaded font.

I repackaged these fonts for formatting .itz So it can be applied to Vivo funtouch later if you feel uncomfortable with below fonts at the bottom of my post I will share how to make fonts in iFont app compatible with HP Vivo or Funtouch OS ROM.

  1. Excuse me download itz . fonts which is below.
  2. If so, open the app files manager / files manager.
  3. search folder Downloadin this folder the .itz font file that you downloaded earlier is stored.
    vivo file manager
  4. Click on the font file, then select Progressing / Progressing.
    Font Vivo
  5. Now Vivo has changed the writing style according to your desires.
    Picture of how to change Font Vivo All Models 1

Solutions for those who can’t

If you encounter that you cannot change the font, when you click on the file there is no reaction, it is probably an application Ethem on your mobile phone to the latest version. The solution is to delete the iTheme update and how to unlock it SettingsMore settingsRequesteverythingEthemDelete updates.

Remember, if there is an iTheme update notification, do not update it. I have tested these fonts on Vivo Y21, Y31, Y51 and others.

How to make a Vivo font in .itz . format

  1. First installation ifont app
  2. Open it and select the font you want, then download and set it
  3. After you’re done, open the file manager, and find the folder that points to China
  4. In this folder there will be the name of the previously downloaded font file in the format .txj
  5. Rename the file to .zoom Then extract / decompress
  6. Keep taking one of the above lines that you created and then rename the file and extract it too
  7. Put the file in ttf format. (result of extracting fonts from ifont) to fonts folder (It is the result of extracting from the font file you created)
  8. But don’t forget to remove the font ttf And it’s old
  9. Now repack in .zip format and rename it to format .itz


To change the line of each HP brand has its own way, if in Xiaomi it is easier to change the location to a specific country as well as in OPPO. For Vivo itself, the easiest way to change the font is to use a font recompiled to the .itz format. Previously, Vivo fonts were usually in txj format.

Here are two ways how to change the writing look (speech style) on Vivo mobile phones, first with font format .itz It is specifically for Funtouch OS 2.5 users and for Vivo HP with Funtouch OS 3.0/4.0 and above you can no longer use the .itz font, but you can still use the i Theme China app or use the help of an app called zFont.

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