How to buy stocks online, here are the instructions and tips

Jakarta, – How to buy stocks online is easy and fairly easy. By investing in the stock segment, you can make a profit.

Currently, stocks have become an investment that has been in high demand by the public in recent years. In addition to the government, many private parties have also introduced stock investment trends through various methods and platforms, one of which is online stock investing.

To get started, you should know in advance how to buy these stocks online.

Through extensive education, the government and the private sector want to dispel the notion that investing in stocks is expensive and can only be done by a few people.

Advances in technology and education today have made everything easier and able to reach a wider audience for investing in stocks.

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Online stock investing can now be made by both novice and old players. For beginners, you should know the stages before you start buying stocks online.

How to buy stocks online

What is stock investing?

The term stock investing is already familiar to our ears today. However, don’t get me wrong, some people don’t know what investing in stocks is.

According to the Big Indonesian Dictionary (KBBI), shares are evidence of ownership of part of the capital of a limited liability company that gives rights to dividends etc according to the size of the paid-up capital.

Meanwhile, based on the Financial Services Authority (OJK), shares can be interpreted as a sign of the share capital of a person or party (business entity) in a company or LLC.

Therefore, a stock investment is an investment in the form of participation of a number of funds by a person or business entity through which they have a claim to the assets and income of the company and are entitled to attend the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS).

This means that if you decide to buy shares of a company, you will automatically receive a share of the ownership of the company.

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However, you should also be prepared when you see the daily stock trading activities fluctuate up and down as this is normal due to supply and demand for these stocks and many other factors.

How to buy stocks online

Right away, here’s how to buy stocks online that you need to do to start investing. This method is fairly easy, you should be able to take care of different aspects, including:

  • Choose a broker that is reliable, has clear legitimacy and has a wide network of global exchanges. You also need to consider fees or charges for investors
  • Opening a stock account through the application with some data that must be attached such as a photo ID card
  • Open a customer fund account
  • Transfer your initial capital to buy target stocks
  • Buy stocks online through the broker’s website or app
  • To sell the shares, simply click on Sell / Sell the shares you want to exchange
  • Do not forget to conduct periodic fundamental analyzes, at least on the financial statements of the company that are released every certain period (quarter, semester, year).

Online stock investing tips and strategies

In addition, you can apply the following tips so that you can reduce the risk of loss in investing in stocks. Here are the tips:

  • Understand the transaction of buying and selling shares and the appropriate moment when buying and selling. For example, buy when the price goes down and sell when the price goes up.
  • Pay attention to the direction of stock movements because the movement of stock values ​​is very unpredictable, and can change in minutes, even seconds.
  • Use the stock screener, a feature of the broker to make it easier to filter stocks. For example, select multiple stocks before buying, then use a preset as implemented by William O’Neil and Warren Buffett.
  • Investment can be diversified by investing in other instruments, or in stocks that tend to be safe in terms of price growth.

This is a review of how to buy stocks online. This investment can bring promising profits, but of course there are also risks. So, before investing, try to learn it first. I hope this information is useful to you.

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