How to buy stocks online easy and practical, here is the guide

Jakarta, – how can I buy Share The following online is very useful for beginners.

For those who want to invest in the stock sector, understanding how to buy stocks online is a must.

Because, regardless of the investment, he should start by buying it first. So, let’s take a look at the following review.

What is stock investing?

In general, shares can be interpreted as a sign of capital participation from a person or party, including a business entity, in a corporation or LLC.

By participating in the registered capital, the party has the right to claim the company’s income and company assets, and is entitled to attend the general meeting of shareholders (GMS).

Therefore, if you operate some form of equity investment, you can indirectly benefit from the initial capital used to purchase shares of one or more of these companies.

How to buy stocks online

Easy and Practical Ways to Buy Stocks Online

Well, after understanding what an arrow is. Here are the steps or how to buy stocks online, including:

1. Open a stock account

In order to be able to buy shares, we must be registered as a client of the securities (broker or broker). Stock companies are intermediaries for us so that we can buy shares on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX).

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We need to register as a client with one of the brokers, then if you want to buy stocks online, make sure that the broker you choose has good online trading software facilities and is easy to use.

Then open a free stock account. Simply fill out the form and complete it with a copy of the required documents.

2. Deposit money – How to buy stocks online

After completing the inventory account, usually one to three days if you register online, an email will be sent to us to confirm the opening of the inventory account.

The email contains your username, password, PIN, and Investor Fund Account Number (RDI) or also known as Client Fund Account (RDN).

We need to deposit funds into the RDI minimum amount set by the broker where the account is opened.

This investor fund account is a bank account in our name, but there is no passbook or ATM card. This RDI is only used to save our money before it is used to buy stocks. To deposit funds, we can transfer via bank teller, ATM or online banking.

3. Install the online trading software

Next, download and install the online trading software provided by the broker where you opened the account.

There is usually a computer or mobile (Android or iPhone) version. Just choose according to your needs. Generally, this software is free, there is no usage fee, then you can log in with the username and password previously sent via email.

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After logging in, you are usually asked to change your password and security PIN. In this online trading software, you can see the deposited funds.

4. Buying and Selling Stocks – How to Buy Stocks Online

In the online trading program there is a menu for buying and selling shares. Enter your PIN, without a PIN we cannot handle posts. Select the menu to buy shares (Buy).

Then you enter the symbol of the stock you want to buy. Each stock is assigned a 4-character code, for example, PT Aneka Tambang Tbk posts are encoded with ANTM encoding and so on.

Enter the price of the stock you want to buy and enter the number of shares of stock you want to buy. Minimum purchase is 1 lot or 100 lots. Then click the Submit button. Very easy isn’t it?

to sell its shares, also through the program. Just select the Sell List (Sell). If there is a profit from the sale of shares, the profit will go directly to your balance.

5. Learn stock investing strategies

Then, of course, we can not only buy and sell shares, we may not make a profit but end up dying. We need to learn the right strategy in investing, starting with choosing stocks and deciding the right time to buy or sell these stocks.

Be diligent in researching and learning about these stock strategies so that you can be proficient and make maximum money.

This is information on how to buy stocks online. We hope this information is useful to you.

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