How to buy apps on Play Store with cut off credit

Now two major operators in Indonesia, Telkomsel and Indosat, have cooperated with Google in purchasing apps, games, etc. through credit cuts.

These purchases apply to in-app purchases such as games or a photo editing app, as well as in-app purchases such as Games Virtual Items. In addition, e-books available on the Google Play Store can also be purchased with Telkomsel or Indosat credit.

For the purchase price using credit, a value-added tax of 10% and a service fee of 2% will be charged.

Tutorial How to buy apps from Google Play Store

  1. First, open the Google Play Store from your Android device, then tap the menu at the top left of the screen. Then select the tabArithmetic“.
    Tutorial on buying Play Store apps
  2. Payment methods option will open and you will see a selection of payment methods such as: add credit or debit card, enable Indosat billing, and redeem. Choose an option Activate Indosat billing (Telkomsel billing activation).
    How to buy Play Store apps
  3. After that, the account verification notification will appear. You will be asked to enter your phone number, name and address. Then after filling in all the data, select the Save option.
    Pay the order by credit
  4. Then there will be an SMS notification sent to the number you registered. After this SMS arrives, the carrier billing option is active and can be used.
  5. After following these steps, users can purchase apps, games, magazines, books and in-app purchases using the credit reduction method.

If your purchase is successful, you will receive an SMS confirmation of a successful purchase from the Google Play Store containing the name of the item you purchased as well as the cost paid using Telkomsel or Indosat credit.

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