Honor of Kings Championship South Asia Qualification 2022 has been announced with a huge set of prizes

honor of kings Recently announced their tournament Honoring the 2022 World Kings Championship. The developers are laying out a proper plan for the biggest tournament of Honor of Kings even before the game is launched globally. In addition, a royal honor was recently announced South Asian qualifiers in honor of the 2022 Kings Championship.

Five invited teams will fight for a place in the 2022 Honoring of Kings World Championship

Five invited teams from Myanmar, Cambodia and Bangladesh will compete for a spot in the Honours of Kings 2022. The winner of the tournament will get direct entry to the tournament matches. The list of invited teams has already been announced. The list includes:

  • Myanmar: “Burmese Ghouls” and “Astral Hope”
  • Cambodia: ‘Impunity’ and ‘Drift’
  • Bangladesh: “Oriental Phoenix”

The total prize pool for the South Asian Qualifiers will be $25,000. Organizers have yet to announce more information about the South Asian qualifiers and their format.

    Honor of the Kings Championship South Asian Qualifiers 2022
Image via Tencent

The 2022 Honor of Kings World Championship event will take place any time this year, with a huge selection of prizes 10,000,000 dollars. Unfortunately, the organizers have not provided any other information about the event’s format, location or teams.

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