Here’s how to take a screenshot of Samsung A71 without buttons

It turns out that there are many ways to do buttonless screen capture on the Samsung Galaxy A71. This is proof that Samsung truly understands the needs of its users and makes it easier to operate.

These two phones were released almost simultaneously with different specifications. The Samsung A71 uses a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED display with the same resolution, 1080 x 2400 pixels, and a density level of just 398 ppi. While the Samsung Galaxy A51 also uses a 6.5-inch Super AMOLED display with a resolution of 1080 x 2400 pixels and a density level of 405 pixels per inch.

The Samsung Galaxy A51 is equipped with a 48MP main camera lens with an additional 12MP secondary lens. The third and fourth camera lenses have the same 5-megapixel resolution, but each has a different function.

On the Samsung Galaxy A71 itself, the main camera lens has a resolution of 64 MP and the second lens has a resolution of 12 MP. The third and fourth camera lenses are the same as those on the Galaxy A51. As for the front camera lens, both devices are equipped with a 32-megapixel lens.

Easy Ways to Take Screenshots of Samsung Galaxy A71

In addition to being reliable with many features, these two phones are the most popular in 2020. In addition to the camera and performance, Samsung has also included many easy and quick buttonless screenshot methods.

You can also apply all these methods to other Samsung phones. Here are some ways to take a screenshot of Samsung A71 without buttons or using a combination of volume and power buttons.

Snapshots using the . button

On all the Samsung phones you use, you have the option to screenshot using the hardware buttons. Although it is not as easy as the screenshot gesture, this method can do its job well if you press the button correctly.

  1. Turn on your Samsung phone and then find the page you want to take a screenshot of.
  2. Press the physical button Lower the sound And the Energy together.
  3. If you hear the camera beep and the screen flashes, you have successfully taken a screenshot.
  4. Screenshot results can be seen through the app Gallery or files manager.

Screenshots from Keyless With Gesture

Screenshot with gesture feature is generally available on the latest mobile phones, and users can quickly take screenshots by simply swiping their palm on the screen. Check how to activate the Palm Swipe To Capture feature.

  1. Press the menu icon ranking your Samsung.
  2. Choose an option Advanced Options.
  3. Click on the option Movements and gestures.
  4. Enable the switch to the right of the menu Swipe your palm to pick up.
  5. Then pull up the screen with your palms sideways.
  6. You will hear the camera sound as an indication that the screenshot is complete.
  7. Then, you can select an option like Draw, Scroll or Crop

Screenshot of the assistant menu

There are many benefits of this assistant menu, one of them is no longer complicated to press buttons when taking screenshots of Samsung mobile phones.

The following is a guide to getting screenshots via the helper menu.

  1. first open Settings or settings.
  2. Then click Menu Accessibility [Aksesibilitas].
  3. Access the menu Interaction and dexterity Or interaction and dexterity.
  4. After that, please activate helper menu / helper list.
  5. Then the Assistant menu button will appear, which is a floating button that can be moved at will.
  6. To take a screenshot, open the Assistant menu and then select the icon screenshot.

How to take a long screenshot

Long screenshot is one of the useful features of Android to take long and moving images of the page. This is how to take a long screenshot on a Samsung A71 mobile phone.

  1. open menu ranking > Advanced Options > screenshot.
  2. Please press the button Screen drawing toolbar to be active.
  3. Open the page you want to take a long screenshot, such as Telegram which contains the entire conversation with your girlfriend.
  4. Then take a screenshot as usual. The combination of Volume Down + Power button, or screen wipe can be used.
  5. Later a toolbar will appear at the bottom, click on the Scroll Capture (down arrow icon) to take a long screenshot.

These are some ways to take screenshot of Samsung A71 without buttons that you can do to save some important information on your mobile screen. We hope this tutorial will be useful to all Samsung users.

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