Gus! This Real Estate Issuer Is Today’s Biggest Stock Gainer

Jakarta, – Today’s real estate exporters were the biggest gainers in the session.

The Composite Stock Price Index (JCI) ended up 0.15 points at 7,195.64 at the close of the first trading session on Tuesday (20/9/2022).

This situation occurred while investors waited for the monetary policy of the Federal Reserve and the interest rate policy of the Bank of Indonesia (BI).

JCI opened 0.17% higher at 7207.4 and closed in the green 0.15 points to 7,195.64 at the close of the first trading session at 11:30 WIT. The turnover fell to 6.93 trillion rupees, which included more than 20 billion shares.

The high was at 7252.19 around 9:30 AM ET while the low was at 7186.25 just before the close. Meanwhile, the majority of stocks this afternoon saw a drop in prices.

I mentioned from the report CNBC IndonesiaThe trading statistics indicated that 324 shares declined, 198 shares rose, and 161 shares stagnated.

In the midst of the JCI boost this afternoon, there were 5 stocks that appeared to be the biggest gainers today and 5 stocks that sold big and became the biggest losers.

Today's Biggest Stock Gainer

Today’s Biggest Stock Gainer

The following are the top five gainers in the first session of trading today, Tuesday (20/9/2022):

  1. PT Andalan Sakti Primarindo Tbk (ASPI), up +21.88%, to Rs 117/unit
  2. PT Suryamas Dutamakmur Tbk (SMDM), up +17.71%, to Rs 412/unit
  3. PT Wahana Pronatural Tbk (WAPO), increased +13.94%, to Rs 188/unit
  4. PT Gaya Abadi Perfect Tbk (SLIS), up +13.04%, to Rs 312/unit
  5. PT Wilton Makmur Indonesia Tbk (SQMI), up +9.09%, to 84 rupees/unit

Andalan Sakti Primarindo Tbk (ASPI) shares topped the list of top gainers in the first afternoon trading session with a transaction value of Rs.541 billion.

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Then with the volume of transactions traded as much as 48.96 million units of shares.

In today’s trading, ASPI share price moved in the range of Rs 96-120/unit. As of the afternoon holiday, ASPI’s stock market capitalization stood at 79.77 billion rupees.

If you look at the trading data from September 12 to Monday (19/9/2022), ASPI shares have only fallen once, gone green 3 times, and stagnated twice. In this way, ASPI shares posted a 28.57% increase in the past week and are up 30% monthly.

It is not yet known whether there will be a significant increase in ASPI shares. However, if you look at the financial performance report for the first semester of 2022, ASPI was able to post a net profit of Rs.101.43 million, up 38.75% over the same period in the previous year, which was Rs.73.1 million.

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For information, ASPI is a company listed on IDX since 2020. Since its inception, this company has been in the real estate sector.

Then in 2013, the company started expanding by acquiring two companies as its subsidiaries.

The company focuses its business on the development of real estate housing for the middle economic segment of the population, which includes this economic demographic segment the largest number compared to other segments of the population.

Today’s Biggest Loser

In addition to some stocks being the biggest gainers today, there are many losers, and here are the top 5 losers in the first session at noon on Tuesday (20/9/2022).

  1. PT Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama Tbk (JKON), down -6.93%, to Rs 188/unit
  2. PT Logindo Samudramakmur Tbk (LEAD), down -6.9%, to Rs 81/unit
  3. PT Bumi Resources Minerals Tbk (BRMS), down -6.77%, to Rs 179/unit
  4. PT Astrindo Nusantara Infrastruktur Tbk (BIPI), down -6.67%, to Rs 154/unit
  5. PT Bumi Resources Tbk (BUMI), down -6.55%, to Rs 157/unit

JKON shares were listed among the top losers in the first afternoon trading session with a transaction value of Rs.18.95 billion with a transaction volume of 99.68 million shares.

In today’s trading, JKON share price moved in the range of Rp 188-214/unit. As of the afternoon, the market capitalization of JKON shares was 3.07 trillion rupees.

If you look at the trading data, since trading from September 12 to Monday (19/9/2022), JKON shares have fallen 2 times, and turned green 4 times. With this, JKON posted a 9.62% drop in the last week, still up 69.37% in the month.

It is not yet known about the decline in JKON shares. However, if you look at its financial statements, JKON managed to achieve a positive performance in the first half of this year. This builder was able to turn losses into profits. JKON reported a profit of Rs.36.75 crore, positive compared to last year’s loss of Rs.90.19 crore.

Based on its financial report, the company’s operating income also increased by 36.17 per cent to 1.52 trillion rupees from the previous 1.11 trillion rupees. The majority of the company’s revenue segment increased with construction services rising by 28.92 per cent from Rs 439.32 billion to Rs 566.39 billion.

For information, the issuer of JKON is the construction company of the Jaya Group, which was previously selected as the winner of the tender for the Formula-E circuit.

Previously, JKON was selected as the winner of the Formula-E circuit tender after following the tender process and several selection stages set up by PT Jakarta Repertendo or JakPro.

This is information on the gaining stocks today, along with the biggest losers. We hope this information is useful to you.

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