Great hot-swap NZXT keyboards are even cheaper

(Pocket-lint) – We totally adopted from NZXT’s first entry into the keyboard space and these keyboards are now even better thanks to these Black Friday discounts.

The Functional Mechanical Keyboard series, as it is known, includes a full-size keyboard and Tenkeyless and MiniTKL versions, all available in various colors with a choice of switches. But even more interesting is the hot-swappable key design, an unusual sight on an affordable mainstream brand gaming keyboard.

NZXT is run as a collection of trades in Amazon UK And the Amazon US This is worth checking out, but the keyboards are particularly attractive:

Today’s video with Pocket Lint

We thoroughly enjoyed the MiniTKL Functional Keyboard when we reviewed it.

It’s a smartly designed keyboard that features a standard bottom-row layout, hot-swappable key layout, per-key RGB lighting, onboard lighting profiles and more. It’s cool to look at, comfortable to type on, and totally attractive.

For the price, it offers many features you’ll likely only see on more expensive keyboards, and now they’re discounted too.

All sizes are available for less now, so if you’re thinking about it, be sure to take a look and don’t miss out.

Written by Adrian Wellings.

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