Google’s Nest Hub Max may soon let you create custom quick phrases

What you need to know

  • Google appears to be working on adding custom quick phrases for the Nest Hub Max.
  • The new feature will allow users to create their own preset commands.
  • This means they won’t have to rely on using the standard wake phrase each time they give voice commands to Google Assistant.

Nest Hub Max owners have grown accustomed to saying “Hey Google” every time they want to give a voice command to the smart display, but those days appear to be numbered, as new evidence points to a new feature that will allow you to talk to Google Assistant without saying the wake phrase.

The folks over at 9to5Google (opens in new tab) have discovered an upcoming capability in one of the best Google Assistant speakers, which will allow you to create custom quick phrases. While Google recently rolled out quick phrases to the Nest Hub Max, that feature is only limited to a number of preset commands that don’t require you to say the wake phrase.

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