Google finally crosses Tasks off its to-do list with this huge Assistant upgrade

What you need to know

  • Google has announced that it will integrate Tasks into Assistant and Calendar.
  • Tasks will be used to set reminders, replacing Assistant and Calendar Reminders.
  • The transition will take place over the “coming months.”

Google has announced that it’s making a big change to one of our favorite apps. In an effort to seemingly consolidate more of its apps and services, Google Tasks will soon be the go-to app for all your to-do needs.

The change comes after leaks that Google was planning to get rid of Assistant Reminders in favor of Tasks. On Tuesday, the company revealed that it would merge Assistant and Calendar reminders into Google Tasks in an effort to simplify its task management solutions.

As a result of this change, new reminders will be added to Tasks when creating them through Google Assistant, that way, you can easily access them from just about anywhere, allowing reminders and tasks to all be kept in a single place across services. Google also highlights the “Add to tasks” button in Gmail and Chat as an example of how Tasks can be created and viewed from various places.

(Image credit: Google)

Google says the transition will take place “in the coming months,” when users will receive a prompt to try out the new experience. As part of the transition, Goals and Reminders are set to be removed from Google Calendar.

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