Google and NASA’s latest project lets you explore the solar system in 3D

What you need to know

  • Google Search now has more than 60 3D models of planets and moons, thanks to a partnership with NASA.
  • Users are able to view the models on their desktops or mobile phones using AR.
  • A new Google Arts & Culture experience allows users to tour the solar system with interesting facts and visuals.

If you’re as into astronomy as I am (although I’m a bit obsessed), then Google’s latest experience might be right up your alley. Thanks to a partnership with NASA, you can now explore the solar system in 3D with new experiences coming to Search and Arts & Culture.

With the new experience, you can now search for planets, satellites, or other objects like the new James Webb Space Telescope and view them from different angles in 3D. And while Google previously launched a 3D model of the JWST to celebrate its launch, this new experience builds on that by including cards with information on various topics of each planet or object.

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