Garmin announces dates for the Venu Sq2 Series in Indonesia

As the most valuable and most awaited smartwatch, Garmin Indonesia will finally launch the Venu Sq 2 series in Indonesia. yes! The same Venu Sq 2 Series will be present in two series, the Venu Sq 2 and the Venu Sq 2 Music Edition.

Being an entry-level smartwatch, Garmin Indonesia has promised to sell the Venu Sq 2 series at an affordable price. However, the Venu Sq 2 Series still offers more diverse health features, high-resolution GPS and AMOLED displays.

yes! This smartwatch has an AMOLED display covered with Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The screen size is 17% wider and the screen is clearer and easier to read. The frame is made of lightweight aluminum and the strap is silicone.

Users of this smartwatch need not worry about supporting the built-in power supply. The reason is that Garmin Indonesia also claims that the Venu Sq 2 Series has a battery life of up to 11 days in smartwatch mode, or an 83% increase over the previous generation.

As mentioned earlier, the Venu Sq 2 Series also has a full set of health monitoring features. Not only does it support heart rate, body battery, and sleep monitoring, this smartwatch also has stress tracking, women’s health tracking, and Health Snapshot support.

Currently! For those who love to play sports, the Venu Sq 2 Series supports more than 25 types of sports. Training guides are also available through the Training Plans feature in the Garmin Connect app that can be used online
Free without having to pay a subscription fee.

All information related to the health and fitness of the smartwatch user can be viewed in detail through the Garmin Connect app. The Garmin Connect app is free to download for Android and iOS users.

Venu Sq 2 will be launched in Indonesia on October 4. Various variants available
The colors are Shadow Gray/Slate, White/Cream Gold, Black/Slate, Ivory/Peach Gold and French Gray/Cream Gold, including new colors such as Cool Mint/Metallic Mint.

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