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Jakarta, – BIBplus is an online banking hack from PT Bank UOB Indonesia. BIBPlus UOB was created to meet the growing business needs of clients.

This bank claims to have used the best systems and technology to provide advanced and comprehensive solutions that will help customers manage their cash needs and business transactions more efficiently.

BIBPlus provides better control functions, convenience and ease of monitoring of cash management and trade finance transactions to its clients.


View the features of BIBPlus from University of Bahrain

UOB BIBPlus is designed for convenience in online cash management and trade finance. Efficiency-increasing features have been added to make your smart solution easy.

With these cash management features, you will get real-time account boom information and control over your money.

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Just by logging in to BIBPlus UOB, you can make payments and other transactions at the same time comfortably and securely. BIBPlus can also help in exchanging data in an organized manner with your accounting system to facilitate transactions as well as settlement.

Below are the features of BIBPlus UOB as quoted from the official website,

1. Account service

The account server was created to make it easier to manage your account.

  • Comprehensive access to monitor all your operating accounts, deposit accounts and loans managed by the University of Bahrain
  • Receive notifications that can monitor all transactions with the feature of adjusting email and calendar settings

2. Money Transfer

The money transfer module supports a wide range of payment types related to local money transfers (RTGS, LLG, Online Transfer), Telegraphic Transfer (TT), and mass payment/payroll transactions.

Other important features:

  • Assign access to payroll only to authorized parties
  • Provides permission for each payment to speed up the approval process
  • Perform scheduled and periodic transactions
  • Set recipient data pre-approval

3. The advantage of BIBplus at Bahrain University for Trade Finance

Trade Finance module has been created to simplify the processing and control of Import Letter of Credit and Documentary Collection Transactions, Standby Letter of Credit, Shipment Guarantee, Bank Guarantee, Trade Finance Requisitions and Trade Invoice Summary (Trade Invoice Summary).

Other important features:

  • It is easy to find different pieces of data in the electronic forms of a commerce application
  • Makes it easy to keep track of transaction history and status related to specific transactions
  • Access to all business transaction information manually (via the counter) or through BIBPlus
  • Improve your workflow through other features.

News on UOB Bank Indonesia, aims for 20-24 percent credit growth

On the other hand, starting from InvestorsPT Bank UOB Indonesia expects credit growth of 20-24 percent in 2022.

In addition, the company is targeting deposit growth of 8-10 percent in order to maintain liquidity levels.

The management of UOB Indonesia said that by looking at the opportunities that exist in 2022, the bank will continue to focus on acquiring more quality revenue for clients. At the same time, the bank will build infrastructure to support business growth.

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Currently, UOB Indonesia continues to make efforts not only to increase the number of new customers, but also to improve the quality of existing customers. In this way, business growth is expected to go along with good quality maintenance.

“Credit growth is expected to increase by 20-24 percent considering inorganic growth. With regard to lending, banks will continue to apply the principle of prudence in lending and maintain the level of non-performing loans,” the management of UOB Indonesia wrote in its 2021 annual report titled Innovation for a sustainable future.

The company also expects deposits to grow by 8-10 percent to maintain bank liquidity.

The focus of deposit growth is on the growth of low-cost funds (current accounts and savings). Additionally, UOB Indonesia will focus on increasing profitability, commission-based income, cost control, and maintaining NIM.

In 2022, the company’s financial outlook is expected to align with market expectations, as the global economy recovers from the Covid-19 pandemic. Moreover, it is estimated that Indonesia’s economic recovery will rebound to the level of pre-COVID-19 economic growth.

At the end of 2021, UOB Indonesia was able to maintain its performance while paying attention to the principle of prudence. Although lending remains selective, credit growth will increase by 5.8% from 70.7 trillion rupees in 2020 to 74.8 trillion rupees in 2021.

In terms of financing, CASA grew by 27.7% from IDR 41.7 trillion in 2020 to IDR 53.3 trillion in 2021. So the proportion of low-cost financing (CASA mix) increased dramatically to 53.3% from 2015 It previously reached 45.4%. With this achievement, the company hopes that the proportion of low-cost financing will continue to grow to reduce the cost of funds (CoF). Meanwhile, Third Party Funds (DPK) grew by 8.8% to Rs 100 trillion from Rs 92 trillion in the previous year.

In 2021, the Bank will continue to invest to support future business growth and undertake various cost management efforts. Thus, the company was able to maintain the level of operational efficiency of the bank as seen in maintaining the cost-to-income ratio (CIR) at the level of 62% in 2021.

Interest income increased by 7% in line with credit growth. With regard to interest expense, the Bank continues to strive to reduce the cost of funds so that the realization is below the target.

Meanwhile, UOB Indonesia President Hendra Gunawan said his party is optimistic about 2022 with the possibility of reopening economic activity. The company will continue to focus on economic recovery while driving sustainable growth for the bank.

“Our optimism is influenced by the capitalization (2021) which is getting stronger to reach 15.94 trillion rupiah, an increase of 0.96% compared to the previous year. Regarding OJK Regulation No. Hendra explained that “UOB Indonesia is classified as a banking group on the basis of Core Capital (KBMI) III”.

According to him, UOB Indonesia remains at the forefront of the competition to develop and maintain a competitive advantage. The company is accelerating the transformation of digital banking with TMRW, Personal Internet Banking, and BIBPlus, in response to the evolving banking industry as well as the needs of customers that continue to grow. Including, keep improving and adding features to the platform.

At the same time, the company began to transform and improve the physical branches in line with changes in customer behavior. The company offers an Omnichannel service experience, which combines the presence of digital and physical services, in order to better serve customers and stay relevant to the competition.

“In the future, with the strong support of United Overseas Bank Limited (UOB), UOB Indonesia can offer a wide range of banking services to meet the various financial needs of clients, linking the bank as a local bank to a broader international network backed by UOB’s global network and capabilities, while attracting investment the foreigner at the same time to Indonesia and contribute to the recovery of Indonesia’s economic growth.”

This is information about BIBPlus from UOB Bank Indonesia. I hope this information is useful to you.

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