Framework wants you to build the Chromebook of your dreams

What you need to know

  • The Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition has been announced, providing a modular experience.
  • Similar to other Framework laptops, users will be able to replace different parts themselves.
  • Pricing for the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition starts at $999 and will begin shipping in December.

One of the frustrating parts about buying a new laptop or Chromebook is that you are limited to the pre-determined configurations provided by the OEM. For years, this has been just fine, as you would simply need to pay more if you needed more storage or a better display. But a new Chromebook from Framework has been announced, which could completely change the game.

With the Framework Laptop Chromebook Edition, there are some pre-determined configurations available, but the Chromebook itself is completely modular. Framework has gained notoriety after providing a way for users to swap out different parts of the laptop to suit their needs. For example, the Expansion Card system allows you to select which ports you need, as you can simply remove one card with a microSD card slot, and slide another card in to give yourself an Ethernet port.

(Image credit: Framework)

Now, this modularity is coming to Chromebooks for the first time ever. Not only does this open the door for you to create the Chromebook that you need, but Framework is also committed to minimizing the impact on the environment. Instead of simply trashing (read: recycling) your laptop when your processor stops working, you can swap it out with a different one, and install it yourself.

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