Fintech Head Talks About Indonesian Citizens Data

Jakarta, – This time, Indonesian fintech news reviews about the data of Indonesian citizens which is easy to leak.

If it occurs, the leak can, of course, be dangerous and cause negative effects that no one wants.

Then the following fintech heads talk and wonder about it. All discussed, here is the review.

The bill will strengthen, says Indonesian Fintech Boss- Fintech News

Recently, the issue of alleged data leaks from the Indonesian people has become widely heard. The financial technology industry is also one of the most vulnerable to attack by these cybercriminals.

The president of the Indonesian Fintech Association (AFTECH) Pandu Sjahrir said the rules that are currently still in the form of the Personal Data Act (RUU PDP) are good to protect public data from the leaks that are happening now.

He said after the spirit of cooperation: Accelerate the Indonesian digital economy in Jakarta, citing CNBC Indonesia, On Tuesday (6/9/2022).

From his association, he saw that nothing is perfect. But the most important thing is that fintech companies maintain the trust that society has given them.

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Even the industry must always improve and operate dynamically. “But the mentality is one, maintain confidence,” he said.

One of the main points Pandu focuses on is the issue of fraud or fraud. According to him, fraud can be associated with all fintech companies.

“There is a lot, and later also the topic of fraudulent investment, it is all about financial technology. Later in digital banking there will also be digital banking issues. How do we deal with it.”

Indonesian FinTech News

Question about the development of the draft personal data protection law

Combined with the rapid development of information and communication technology today, personal data has become a highly valued asset or commodity in the age of big data and digital economy.

This is closely related to the Indonesian fintech industry and other business sectors.

Thus, personal data is a right that must be protected, as part of the Human Rights (HAM) and mandate conveyed by the Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia and the 1945 Constitution.

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The PDP Bill contains 72 articles and 15 chapters. The regulation regulates the definition of personal data, its types, property rights, processing, exceptions, controllers and processors, delivery, authorized institutions that regulate personal data, and dispute resolution.

In addition, the bill will also regulate international cooperation for penalties for misuse of personal data. In fact, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) himself signed the Personal Data Protection Bill (RUU PDP) on January 24, 2020.

Types of Personal Data Protected – Fintech News Indonesia

The types of personal data listed in Chapter Two of Article 3 Paragraph (1) of the draft PDP Law are divided into two parts, namely personal data of a general nature and personal data of a specific nature.

The general personal data referred to in paragraph (1) the letter A includes the full name, gender, nationality, religion and/or combined personal data to identify the person.

Meanwhile, the specific personal data referred to in paragraph (1) letter B includes health data and information, biometric data, genetic data, life/sexual orientation, political opinions, crime records, child data, personal financial data, and/or non-personal information. that. data. In accordance with the provisions of the legislation.

Criminal penalties for violation of the use of personal data

The PDP bill also imposes penalties for personal data breaches. Offenders who disclose personal data that does not belong to them or use it against the law will be subject to a seven-year prison sentence or a maximum fine of IDR 70 billion.

This is the Indonesian FinTech News that reviews the data of Indonesian citizens. I hope this information is useful to you.

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